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Alleviating healthcare pressures with intelligent cameras and VI Care

Elderly woman being assisted in elderly home by nurse

Decreasing staff numbers combined with increased patient numbers has made maintaining the quality of healthcare a challenging task, let alone trying to improve it. Healthcare institutions have had to seek creative solutions in these challenging times. ZuidOostZorg, a healthcare facility in Friesland (Netherlands) had cameras with AI technology installed, and the results beat expectations.

In client rooms on their Stellinghaven Appelscha location, on the DZEP department (people with dementia and severe problem behavior), had network cameras installed. These devices, enhanced with the VI Care application from Vision Intelligence alleviate the healthcare pressure by giving real-time insights in both the client and the room. Meaning a tailored approach, that benefits the client's needs and reduces staff workload. 

I would like to have this solution installed in every room as soon as possible" - Alletta Wedzinga, nurse at ZuidOostZorg.

Collaboration of people and technology

After speaking with Alletta Wedzinga, a HBO VVG nurse at the ZuidOostZorg healthcare facility, the organization's strong need for providing personal care becomes clear. ‘Technology has provided our sector with opportunities many times over, and we are therefore eager to look into the next steps. The need for the humane aspect of providing care still lies at the center of healthcare. Technology supports this, but can never replace the care people give others.’

‘If we talk about time and the amount we have for each patient, it is rarely enough. This is why we started looking for solutions that could save us time, says Alletta. Older technologies such as bed-monitoring infrared sensors are prone to false alarms. It regularly causes staff to visit clients unnecessarily. Minimizing the amount of false alarms saves us huge amounts of time. This is what happened with the commissioning of the Axis cameras with VI Care and Ascom’s SmartSense application. 

A working healthcare solution

The solution has been named the ‘optical lens’ by the staff of the ZuidOostZorg healthcare facility. It’s surprising for patients and their families because the camera does not record anything. The camera detects what is happening in the room, making it a sensor rather than a recording device.

There are currently nine statuses that VI Care passes on to staff via the SmartSense program, including patient out of bed and second person in room and out of room. Which statuses that appear in the SmartSense program can be set individually for each client, making the solution easy and scalable.

Alletta underlines the significance of receiving notifications from specific clients, as it directly connects with the level of care they demand. “In scenarios where individuals struggle with mobility or experience a fall,” she explains, “receiving prompt notifications is vital. Using the optical lens solution helps us by alarming us what is happening right away, making it easier for us to give them the best care possible.”

The status is transmitted in real time to SmartSense. This healthcare application compares the status with the set profile of the client. It then sends a signal to the handheld of the staff present, after which the appropriate care can be given.

Remote video URL

A non-recording camera

The solution at ZuidOostZorg gives the care professional insight through the optical lens. These intelligent cameras from Axis Communications are used as sensors and do not record images. Something that provides numerous advantages.

  • The first clear advantage is privacy. The images detected do not leave the camera and are not stored on a local or external server. Only the change of status is transmitted. This way, the privacy of both patients and staff is respected. 
  • Secondly, the solution is extremely reliable. VI Care's computing power makes use of Axis Communications' powerful cameras. As many as 10+ images can be analyzed per second. After two seconds, the staff know what is happening in the room. 
  • Furthermore, as there are no video streams, there is no requirement for cloud or server storage. The program can be installed directly on the existing network, delivering fantastic cost benefits. 
To learn more about Axis Communications' cameras, Vision Intelligence's VI Care, or Ascom's SmartSenseClick here.
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