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Strength and resilience: Safeguarding the supply chain for the future

Jeanette Skjelmose and Peter Lindström discussing
June 8, 2023
It is impossible to escape the fact that the various global uncertainties of recent years have had a major impact on the way businesses have been able to operate. One of the areas hit hardest has been global supply chains. To talk about the challenges faced, how we met them, and the lessons learned, we spoke with Jeanette Skjelmose, Vice President Operations and Peter Lindström, Executive Vice President Sales.

Making cybersecurity integral to Axis software development

January 12, 2023
In software development, there are risks – most commonly bugs or errors in coding – that may lead to security vulnerabilities that could be exploited in an attack. Though it is rare in the industry to have software releases that are completely error-free, bugs and other improper implementations that pose security risks should be identified and fixed. However, if the security work is limited to fixing problems found only after tests are conducted on fully developed software, such fixes – while important – may well only be cosmetic, as they may not adequately address underlying issues.
Members of the Axis Software Security Group

The benefits of Axis specializations, from the partners themselves

May 30, 2023
When we introduced new and extended existing specializations as part of the Axis Channel Partner Program last year, we felt confident that our global community of channel partners would recognize the potential benefits to their businesses. Hearing back directly from partners is always valuable, and it’s part of the Axis DNA to regularly seek feedback from our partners through surveys, detailed interviews, and where possible face-to-face meetings. The enhancement and formalization of the AXIS Camera Station specialization was based on feedback from partners who have been working closely with AXIS Camera Station for several years. We caught up with a number of our AXIS Camera Station specialists and gathered some of their thoughts on how the specialization benefits their businesses.
ACS specialization event

Listen up: The business potential of network audio

February 17, 2023
The addition of network audio to surveillance systems brings benefits to both Axis partners and end users.  For partners, network audio provides the potential for business growth with existing and new customers. For end users, audio enhances video surveillance systems in effectively deterring criminals whether intent of theft or vandalism. Adding audio to video surveillance works for a range of end users regardless of their size and sector, as it can be adjusted to meet a variety of applications.
Network audio

Green Design for a more sustainable world

February 2, 2023
So-called eco-innovation is becoming essential for manufacturers to deliver on customer demands around sustainability. Alongside increasing customer awareness, pressure from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the introduction of new legislative frameworks and industry-sponsored initiatives that advocate stricter guidelines for manufacturers are driving significant change.
Jonna Lagerblad, Ausra Reinap and Johan Widerdal

Signed video for body worn cameras ensures authenticity of video evidence

January 16, 2023
Axis Communications announces a new cybersecurity feature for Axis body worn cameras. Available with firmware release 11.0, signed video provides an additional layer of protection for body worn solutions helping to enforce trust in video evidence. This valuable feature adds a cryptographic checksum into the video stream allowing the video to be reliably traced back to the unique Axis camera where it was produced and verifying that the footage hasn’t been tampered with.
Signed video for body worn cameras ensures authenticity of video evidence

Highlighting the cybersecurity challenges of a connected world

January 16, 2023
Earlier this year, Axis took part in the world’s largest cybersecurity benchmarking study, Cybersecurity Solutions for a Riskier World, undertaken by global research firm ThoughtLab. The study analyzed the cybersecurity strategies and results of 1,200 large organizations across 14 different sectors and 16 countries, highlighting the growing risks and, worryingly, a perception among executives that they are largely unprepared for the changing environment. We’ve taken a dive into the study data to pick out some of the key learnings for the surveillance and security sector.