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Inspiring ideas for smarter cities

Smarter cities
September 11, 2023
An amazing 55% of the world’s population, now live in a city. And with each city’s unique composition and infrastructure, city planners require the most efficient and scalable solutions.

Supporting Pink Programming – a step towards greater diversity

August 18, 2023
Diversity and equality in the workplace are crucial for promoting creativity and innovation. And attracting more women to the programming sector can help bridge the widening tech skills gap. That is why Axis supports Pink Programming, an organization that encourages women in choosing a programming career.
Supporting Pink Programming – a step towards greater diversity

Optimizing video for analytics performance

July 14, 2023
With Axis image processing knowledge and expertise, image quality and usability are optimized and ensures surveillance performance for both the human eye and analytics.
Optimizing video for analytics performance

Axis statement on the Quran burning in Sweden

June 30, 2023
On June 28, a person protested by burning a copy of the Quran outside a mosque in Stockholm, Sweden. The Swedish Prime Minister has previously made very clear statements condemning such acts and the organizer of the protest is now being investigated by the police for hate speech.
Image of camera on a wall AXIS M2035-LE, M2036-LE wall mount shopping street