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A new generation of power efficient cameras

power efficient cameras
September 6, 2023
New solutions need sustainability at heart, and energy consumption has become a key purchasing factor for cameras. Read about our new generation of power efficient cameras.

Making cybersecurity integral to Axis software development

December 5, 2022
In software development, there are risks – most commonly bugs or errors in coding – that may lead to security vulnerabilities that could be exploited in an attack. Though it is rare in the industry to have software releases that are completely error-free, bugs and other improper implementations that pose security risks should be identified and fixed. However, if the security work is limited to fixing problems found only after tests are conducted on fully developed software, such fixes – while important – may well only be cosmetic, as they may not adequately address underlying issues.
Members of the Axis Software Security Group

Sustainability starts at the source

September 20, 2023
A solid supply chain is essential to delivering high quality and sustainable solutions. If one link in that chain is weak or compromised, it can risk the integrity of the entire thing. The more links in that chain the more important it is that each is taken care of.
sustainability practices across our supply chain