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How the global launch of Axis Professional Services will support partners and customers

Axis Professional Services

As part of our ethos at Axis, we are constantly looking for ways to bring more value to our global network of partners, and alongside them, better meet the needs of customers. Which is why we are proud to introduce Axis Professional Services to our partners and customers worldwide. As technology continues to advance, Axis Professional Services will support our partners and customers across the globe with their specific needs. Having greater access to our deep expertise will allow partners and customers to focus on the things that matter most to them.

Axis Professional Services will work alongside our partners, providing a dedicated team of Axis specialists to ensure that customers are making the most of their investment in our products and solutions. A full Axis Professional Services team is already established in the Americas, with resources currently being put in place in across other regions to deliver global coverage for the full set of services.

This step marks a significant moment for us. With the continued advancements in surveillance technology, it is of utmost importance that our partners and customers are using our products and solutions to their full capabilities. Through Axis Professional Services we will work with our partners to provide end users with the solutions to their unique needs. By enhancing the existing partnerships we have in place, we will enable system integrators to provide their customers with the best that we have to offer, deepening their own relationships with customers.

An offering tailored to each customer

We aim to provide our partners the opportunity to give customers the most fine-tuned solutions that cater to their needs.

The foundation of our Axis Professional Services offering lies in the set of our three modules: Assess, Guide, and Develop. Partners and customers will be able to choose a module in any package or choose multiple from the same package or others, allowing for customization based on specific needs.

The Develop module brings customization to software across our service packages. Solutions are tailored to each unique customer use case to maximize the potential value. Our developers work in tandem with partners and end users to fine tune solutions to thrive in the intended environment.

A number of organizations have already been experiencing the benefits of the Develop module. One use case has seen a company that manages electronic advertising billboards work with us to create an analytics application that monitors hundreds of billboards to ensure that they are operating without issue. The application, developed within the AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP), can monitor their billboards and detect static arrays, which will trigger an alarm to notify the company that a billboard is experiencing problems.

The Assess and Guide modules are currently only available in the Americas, with full service arriving globally soon.

The Assess module will be there to evaluate solutions, for instance validating a system design or optimizing an existing installation. As part of the Assess module, our specialists can undertake an on-site assessment of the Axis network video system that is in place. In addition to validating and optimizing systems, our specialists can scan the Axis network video system to evaluate its cyber health.

Through the Guide module, our experts can provide recommendations on best practices for the Axis systems installed. This can include meeting internal policies that may be in place as well as ensuring systems are operating in compliance with local regulations.

The full Professional Services package

Axis Professional Services provides partners with the opportunity to give customers the most fine-tuned solutions, tailored to their specific needs.

The Assess, Guide, and Develop modules will be available for all three of our service packages: Axis System Validation, Axis System Optimization, and Axis Cyber Health Check. Customers are able to choose how much of each service they need, when they need it. Having the three modules make up each of the offers is an important feature of Axis Professional Services, as partners and customers are able to make the choice of having us join them every step of the way or only at the junctures they believe they need our support.

Minor hardware modifications are also possible and can be customized and provided to the customer as part of the Axis Professional Services offering. We want our partners and customers to benefit fully from our specialized knowledge when optimizing their operations.

The final service package, Axis Cyber Health Check includes an on-site system assessment, delivering an executive brief which details findings, recommendations, and a framework for improvements.

Peace of mind

Axis Professional Services will operate globally to support partners and customers. Our headquarters in Lund, Sweden currently supports all regions with software services. These teams will soon be able to support all professional services needs where you and your clients are.

Axis Professional Services expertise is available to partners and customers on a project-by-project basis, allowing us to contribute our knowledge and expertise when we are needed. We know surveillance and we know our products, so we are best placed to guarantee compliance with regulations and best practice.

Partner and customer satisfaction are key priorities to us. Having system validations come directly from us, the manufacturer, enables us to deliver outstanding services and peace of mind.

Support in a complex world

As the needs of customers become ever more complex, and surveillance technology continues to evolve, our partners will need access to the expertise and skills required to ensure their customers realize the full potential and derive the maximum value from their assets.

Axis Professional Services allows our partners to source the best advice and technical resources, direct from the manufacturer. Partners can access services in an agile, flexible way, bringing value to customers exactly when it is needed.

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