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Eight reasons to work with Axis to deliver your smart city

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Almost all cities have a smart city agenda. Their priorities will differ according to the unique challenges they face, but they all have the same goals: to create ways to use data and resources more efficiently and make cities more livable.

Axis is innovating for a smarter, safer world. We play a vital role in the transition to smarter cities by providing scalable and innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for public safety, urban mobility and environmental monitoring.

There are eight key reasons why Axis is the perfect solution provider to your smart city:

1. Our visionary inventions

We’re not a new kid on the block; we defined the category. When we invented the first network camera way back in 1996, we were demonstrating Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities two decades before IoT became a thing.

We base our products on open industry standards, so that you can integrate them into your network simply and swiftly. You can collaborate, reduce costs, scale up or down, and connect devices, data and people.

Gain critical insights into city operations - from public safety, traffic management, street-level lighting, environmental sensors and more - by combining Axis’s expertise in network solutions with video, audio, access control and sensors.

With our knowledge, experience and extensive network of partners, we help you build the robust network and communication infrastructure that you need to create an efficient smart city.

2. Quality in everything we do

Creating a smart city is a long-term vision, so you want something that’s built to last. Axis products are manufactured with outstanding durability, functionality and safety, thoroughly tested and ready to perform in any environment. From the freezing cold of Moscow to the tropical heat of São Paulo, from snowstorm to sandstorm, Axis products is trusted by municipalities worldwide.

Authorities need high-quality video that will, if needed, stand up in the courtroom; that can identify a licence plate moving at speed in poor visibility; or accurately monitor rising river levels during a storm. Whatever the challenge, Axis can help you meet it head on.

3. The power of partnerships

A smart city relies on connected devices, data and experts to improve efficiency. Integration, cooperation and partnerships are critical to making this happen. Axis has always been committed to a partnership approach, working with a vast number of hardware and software solution providers across the globe, each bringing its own knowledge and expertise to our open platform and benefitting cities through increased public safety, urban mobility, and environmental monitoring.

Our open application platform, the AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP), allows members of our Axis Application Development Partner (ADP) program to develop applications that can be downloaded and installed on Axis network cameras and video encoders.

It’s incentives like this and our partner training program that helps us to deliver solutions that are primed to meet fast-evolving smart city needs around the world.

The power of partnerships in smart cities

4. Global presence, local support

Axis has the world’s largest installed base of network video products and staff in more than 50 countries. This global perspective and involvement with smart city projects across the globe mean we are the best-equipped solutions provider to give expert advice and share knowledge and best practice to authorities looking to evolve their own smart city strategies.

Creating a smart city is a team effort, and whatever your specific challenges, we have the pedigree and experience to connect you to the right people with the most relevant competence through a growing eco-system of cities and partners.

5. Innovative technology

Axis constantly looks to build more intelligence into is solutions, combining the best of technology and human imagination to improve performance and enhance benefits. The combination of network cameras, IoT sensors and intelligent analytics is delivering as much positive impact in smart cities and almost any other sector.

We build our technology on open standards, so they are flexible, scalable and straightforward to integrate. Whether you’re looking for cameras, audio, radar, access control or vital accessories to the network, Axis has the imagination to help you succeed.

By running the analytics application at the edge in the Axis product, you can improve system efficiency and scalability. This Reduces storage and network consumption and lowers system costs and complexity. You don’t need any separate servers for processing the video, you can fully leverage on the processing power of the camera.

Another example, our Zipstream technology saves bandwidth and space without sacrificing the quality of data. Our technology lowers the cost of ownership of smart city solutions while delivering unparalleled performance.

6. Sustainability at every level

Sustainability is a core tenet of the smart city agenda worldwide – and a central pillar of any measurement of a city’s livability - as metropolitan authorities set out their green goals and citizens are increasingly vocal and involved in demanding action in environmental impact. Axis has a long tradition of sustainability – including having signed the UN Global Compact - and as we continually drive towards improved sustainability throughout our operations 80% of Axis cameras and encoders are today PVC-free.

When you partner with Axis, you partner with a company that shares your environmental vision. More detail can be found in our most recent Sustainability Report.

Sustainability at every level in smart cities

7. Driving cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a major concern for both city authorities and citizens, and effective cybersecurity is a continuously job of assessing risks, consequences and taking appropriate steps.

A combination of products, people, technology and ongoing processes ensures secure smart city surveillance networks, and also that data captured over those networks is both safe and treated in accordance with evolving data protection legislation around the world.

Axis is expert in assessing risk and building processes for data protection into every level of our smart city offering, always ensuring compliance with current and future legislation and working with customers to mitigate risks and provide up-to-date insight into about threats.

We have strict requirements for our own products - allowing for remote and instant software in response to any new risks - and we work closely with partners to fight the constantly evolving cybersecurity threat.

8. Remote monitoring and maintenance

The nature of smart city surveillance means that networks are spread over a wide area, making manual management and maintenance a resource-intensive challenge. Axis products and solutions are designed for remote monitoring, management and maintenance, allowing authorities to have a constant view over the entire network and remedy and issues quickly and efficiently.

Ultimately, the value of a smart city surveillance network comes through the constant, uninterrupted and safe flow of data.

Develop your smart city at your own pace with Axis

Axis’s innovative technology and extensive partner network helps you face the complex urban challenges, such as public safety, urban mobility and environmental monitoring, and create a smarter, more livable city.

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