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Improving flexibility and scalability with the integration of AXIS S3008 Recorder

AXIS S3008 Recorder

To respond to changing demands in the market, business needs can vary over time. As part of this, changes to security solutions may be necessary to align to different circumstances. Having a flexible surveillance system that can be adjusted and scaled accordingly is essential. Whether it be growing the size of the premises or expanding to multiple sites, businesses need solutions which can provide cost-effective, high quality security service. An end-to end solution which includes AXIS S3008 Recorder makes this possible. This article highlights the benefits and outlines different scenarios where the integration of the recorder will make an impact.

New capabilities support expansion

AXIS S3008 Recorder is a compact recorder which can connect up to 8 devices and support a wide range of products from Axis’ portfolio. The new integration offers greater compatibility with Axis video management solutions, making it possible for customers to easily expand systems as their needs grow.

This allows them to easily move from AXIS Companion to AXIS Camera Station video management software (VMS) if they require more sophisticated capabilities. There is the added benefit of reduced maintenance and labor costs.

Although many customers are already familiar with the AXIS S3008 Recorder, there are a number of different scenarios where the new integration will be beneficial:

Scenario 1: Moving from AXIS Companion to AXIS Camera Station to suit changing needs

AXIS Companion video management software allows easy and intuitive surveillance, as well as secure remote access to video. It is ideal for small to medium-sized sites as it allows to seamlessly manage all the cameras connected to a site.  

For many customers this is considered the entry-level model, as it’s lower cost than other video management solutions. It gives customers the chance to ‘test’ its capabilities and evaluate whether it fits the needs of the site.

However, over time the business may require more advanced functionality and a move to AXIS Camera Station may be beneficial. For example, if the security team or operators need to switch from a rather occasional and more incident based use of the solution to a more ‘proactive’ type of surveillance. That could include adding access control devices to actively manage who enters the premises and when.

The new integration of AXIS S3008 Recorder provides more flexibility and allows businesses to move to AXIS Camera Station without having to replace the hardware. It should be noted that the AXIS Camera Station server and licenses would need to be added, but switching is now possible and less expensive.

Scenario 2: Scaling to an unlimited number of sites with AXIS Companion

In some cases, businesses may want to expand the number of premises, with each site requiring a standard security deployment of AXIS Companion VMS. AXIS S3008 recorders can be deployed on each site together with the network video and audio devices to record and monitor activity at each site.

This set up is beneficial for smaller businesses, such as coffee shops which may not need the advanced capabilities of AXIS Camera Station, but would be looking to replicate what they already have in place. There’s also significantly lower maintenance effort – and cost – than with a full server that’s part of more advanced VMS.

Scenario 3: Expanding the AXIS Camera Station system to support larger premises and number of sites

From single site to multi-site

For more complex and advanced deployment, an existing AXIS Camera Station system can be expanded by installing AXIS S3008 Recorder at multiple remote sites. The solution can be easily scaled up from providing surveillance for a single site to entire national chains, while retaining the same storage capabilities per site. In the real world, this could be a franchise restaurant or retailer, that opens numerous additional premises, each requiring surveillance.

The benefit is that monitoring and maintenance can be performed and controlled remotely by a security team in a central location, where the AXIS Camera Station server is based. This would be connected via virtual private network (VPN) to the different sites, which each have AXIS S3008 Recorder installed – together with the respective cameras and audio devices.

This configuration would allow the team to be alerted and monitor the video feed from multiple different sites at the same time. Through the use of alerts to draw the attention of the team to specific sites, the video is only sent to the central location when required, delivering significant savings in bandwidth. Should an incident occur at multiple sites, a coordinated response, such as alerting the security personnel or law enforcement, can be launched.

Expanding an existing system with new devices

Alternatively, it’s also possible to add several new devices to an existing AXIS Camera Station set-up, by connecting them to AXIS S3008 Recorders on the same premises. This comes in handy if a business decides to increase the size of the premises to accommodate new capabilities, such as adding a new storage facility. Businesses can deploy dozens of AXIS S3008 Recorders to the system as needed, which also act to power each of the cameras and increase the video storage capabilities. The AXIS S3008 Recorder achieves this by offloading the server, underscoring the scalability of this solution.

A solution fit for future demands

AXIS S3008 Recorders will enable an easier and more flexible installation of different video management systems for small, as well as enterprise businesses. It’s important for organizations to know that their security system will be able to fit their needs, now and in the future. Also, they can depend on the same level of quality they’ve come to expect from Axis, as they expand to fit the market demands.

The AXIS S3008 Recorder provides businesses with the option to scale, without increasing load on the system or maintenance costs. Organizations can be confident that their surveillance system will remain efficient and ultimately make the lives of users, as well as installers and integrators easier.

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