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Leveraging the benefits of wearable cameras in healthcare and retail with AXIS W110 Body Worn Camera

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Body worn cameras are firmly established in law enforcement and security segments, with its main uses including deterrence of disorderly conduct and capturing first-hand evidence for use in court. These benefits can also extend to other industries such as healthcare and retail. 

However, there has been a lack of awareness of body worn cameras usefulness beyond law enforcement. Cameras are often associated with violence and police enforcement. These notions have held back the adoption of body worn cameras in other segments.

Axis has introduced AXIS W110 Body Worn Camera to address these barriers to adoption. Compared with previous body worn cameras such as the AXIS W100 and AXIS W101, the AXIS W110 camera emphasizes discreetness, being smaller, lighter and easier to mount. The friendlier design makes it better suited to both retail and healthcare workers.

Addressing industry challenges with AXIS W110 Body Worn Camera

As with many industries, retail and healthcare are places of work where an unfortunate part of being an employee can involve dealing with disorderly, aggressive or violent behavior. This has been investigated by the World Health Organization which revealed up to 62% of health workers have experienced workplace violence. The Bureau of Justice Statistics data also indicates that the retail industry experiences the third-highest workplace violence victimization rate, after law enforcement and mental health professionals.

Employees need to feel safe and protected. Not only can this impact staff retention, but mental health and productivity are also affected. In particular, medical staff retention is one of the biggest challenges healthcare faces today.

To support the safety of staff, being equipped with wearable cameras can add a visible deterrent to disorderly conduct, helping to diffuse situations before they escalate. The National Institute of Justice has also reported that the “civilizing effect” of a visible camera may prevent certain situations from escalating, and instead encourage citizen compliance. Wearable solutions can create a safer environment which helps with employee retention and attracting visitors. 

In instances where legal action is unfortunately needed, there comes the additional challenge of navigating budget constraints. The AXIS W110 provides first-hand, highly secure footage that can help reduce your legal expenses in response to complaints such as from a patient or customer. By acting as a visible deterrent to staff mistreatment and documenting evidence, the AXIS W110 can help safeguard against insurance and liability claims.

A new wearable camera designed to meet worker’s needs

AXIS W110 Body Worn Camera is a low profile, compact and light weight camera. Its back plate magnets allow for easy, flexible mounting on clothes. This, combined with its reduced size, makes it perfect for healthcare professionals to easily attach to scrubs, even when wearing additional items. While a separate mini cube was needed for the previous version of the body worn camera to be worn on the hip, the new version does not require an external sensor and includes the battery within the unit for a more discreet look. This also supports the retail segment by removing the need for additional items to compete with other technologies placed on it, like walkie-talkies.

We know patient care involves lengthy shifts, and so the smaller and more friendly design of AXIS W110 delivers a long-lasting battery of up to 13 hours depending on camera configuration, alongside reliable footage capture.

As with all Axis body worn cameras, the AXIS W110 is part of a system based on the open platform. This enables integration with a video management system (VMS) of choice. First-hand and untampered evidence provided by the camera can be seamlessly integrated with the current system to provide valuable additional insight for resolving disputes and fraudulent claims. To further support with providing valuable insight, AXIS W110 comes with improved image quality as well as improved low light capabilities and motion capture.

Additionally, as with previous types of cameras, AXIS W110 is highly cyber secure. The footage cannot be tampered with and cannot be accessed by anyone that should not be able to access it – such as the wearer. All video and audio footage does not go against HIPAA regulations and is only to be used to capture vulnerable situations. Being very visible, the camera ensures people are aware that they are being recorded. 

AXIS W110 also maintains the live streaming functionality of all Axis cameras. When connected to Wi-Fi the wearer can activate a livestream providing operators with first-hand footage in real time. 

The livestream footage is saved in the cloud for up to 24 hours and administrators or operators can access and process the footage within that timeframe. The livestream also includes the pre-buffer of up to 90 seconds, allowing the watcher to see why the livestream has been started. 

Utilizing recording to train and upskill the workforce

The high-quality footage from the wearable camera can be used to document compliance with protocols and health and safety regulations. For example, in both healthcare and retail pharmacies, the camera can be used for drug and control compliance when counting pills. Body worn video footage ensures correct medication dispensation, deterring the illegal channeling of drugs to people they were not prescribed to.

In addition to reviewing real-life scenarios, cameras can be used for training and educational purposes. First-hand recordings can help identify areas for improvement, and enhance skills through educational programs and workshops, especially when training resources are limited.

Moving into new industries

Wearable cameras can support various business processes and help reach objectives for security, staff safety, compliance and training.

AXIS W110 is based on leading technology which grows with your needs. It will be available on the market from Q4 2023. From its smaller design to its highly secure documentation and seamless integration with existing security surveillance, the AXIS W110 will help lead segments beyond law enforcement into realizing the benefits of wearable video solutions.

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