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Innovations to help customers ‘see beyond’

Innovations that see beyond

While Axis is well known as a leader in network video surveillance, our innovative nature is always stretching to consider how we can enhance and extend the view and insight our products and solutions deliver. The ability to give our customers the maximum ‘sight’ in all conditions, environments, and situations is what leads us to develop products and solutions that help them ‘see beyond’ the conventional view. In doing so, we help customers see the whole picture, see when they cannot see, and see where they cannot be.

See the whole picture

The quality of video surveillance cameras has been transformed over the past few decades, delivering images in higher resolution and more detail than ever before. But any camera, however high-quality, will have a limited field of view. This often means using multiple cameras to cover an area completely, and even then, blind spots can be an issue, along with a fragmented view of the scene.

Our panoramic cameras provide the solution in many environments, delivering 180- and even 360-degree coverage in a single image with no blind spots. And with such a wide view from a single camera, they can be an extremely cost-effective solution.

Naturally, we’ve also innovated within design in this field, for example the peanut-shaped dome within our multidirectional cameras and motorized pan-tilt-roll within our panoramic multi-sensor camera portfolio.

See when you cannot see

Dealing with challenging light conditions is an important function of any surveillance camera. However, dealing with complete darkness is another story entirely.

In situations where no ambient light is available - or when it is advantageous to maintain complete darkness (for instance where light would disturb the local environment) - thermal cameras and radar are ideal.

Using the thermal energy emitted by every object rather than light, thermal cameras deliver the same quality of image in pitch darkness as they do in bright sunlight. Radar provides accurate detection of moving objects, without being ‘fooled’ by irrelevant beams of light, insects, or shadows. Both technologies are ideal in situations where privacy is paramount, desired, or legislated.

Axis is pioneer in these areas, introducing the world’s first radar for surveillance purposes and first network thermal camera.

See where you cannot be

A ‘hazardous area’ is defined as an area in which the atmosphere may contain flammable or explosive gases, dusts or vapors. Such an atmosphere is potentially combustible.

For obvious reasons, hazardous areas are also those where workers can’t spend much, if any, time, and where video monitoring is valuable providing many benefits within health and safety as well as operational efficiency. But it’s of critical importance that the cameras themselves can’t provide the ignition source for a potentially devastating explosion.

Explosion-protected cameras are the answer. They are designed to prevent sparks from the camera igniting vapors, gases, dust, or fibers in the surrounding atmosphere. Available as high-quality video and thermal cameras, our explosion-protected cameras meet worldwide industry standards for use in hazardous areas.

Manufacturing the fully-certified product in-house, Axis optimizes the design of every aspect of the camera, from the ARTPEC system-on-chip to the explosion-protected product, guaranteeing performance and quality at every level.

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