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Seeing is great – acting is even better

What if you could use IP surveillance to communicate with, for example, intruders or shoplifters? In fact, you can. Watch our video, which explains how three businesses used network audio to improve security and safety, but also to improve profits.

With the introduction of IP cameras, video surveillance has come a long way. They have significantly helped improve security and safety in various sectors and applications.

That is good, but now an increasing number of business owners are experiencing the power of network audio. Adding network loudspeakers, you will take your surveillance system to the next level.

Take a more active part

Maybe you have previously felt like a passive bystander – left to watch video footage, perhaps after the fact? When you integrate intelligent audio in your IP surveillance system, you can start taking an active part in protecting your premises and property.

Whether you use pre-recorded messages or broadcast live to interact with suspicious persons, it will help you put a halt to potentially costly thefts, downtime and repairs before they even occur. It will also help you provide better customer service.

Users are getting great results

Watch the video to learn how three businesses have used network audio to tremendous advantage. One experienced a 90-percent drop in theft and vandalism. Another got rid of professional shoplifters as well as got a 30-percent increase in sales. The third saw a 30-percent decrease in ATM frauds.

These are real examples of customers that get great results from adding audio to their surveillance solutions.

In the video, Magnus Zederfeldt, former Director Business Development, Audio Solutions, says, “These are real examples of customers that get great results from adding audio to their surveillance solutions.”

The chances are that you will too.

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