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Simplifying video surveillance management with AXIS Companion

Choosing the right VMS

Organizations of all sizes across all industry sectors have come to recognize the benefits of keeping their premises safe and secure with video surveillance. Given the value delivered, many businesses quickly choose to grow their surveillance solutions, adding more cameras and connected devices. With this, the need for easy-to-use video surveillance management and monitoring becomes essential. AXIS Companion is the solution. Simple to set up and intuitive to use, here we explore how AXIS Companion provides ultimate flexibility in monitoring live and recorded video from anywhere and managing video surveillance solutions, whether a single site or scaling for surveillance across national chains.

Simple to set up, simple to use

Simplicity is the keyword for AXIS Companion video management software and the software has been designed to be highly intuitive for both installers and users. The result is a secure reliable recording solution that gives businesses effortless control over their video surveillance solution from anywhere.

Video surveillance available at any time, from anywhere

AXIS Companion uses Axis Secure Remote Access to provide effortless control and monitoring of surveillance camera systems all of the time from any location. A technology that allows a smartphone or PC client to access Axis network cameras when the client and the cameras are located on different local networks, AXIS Secure Remote Access enables remote viewing and export of video. Real-time alert notifications keep businesses aware of any suspicious activity and can be customized to suit specific use cases and needs.

Remote system management

In addition to being able to manage video remotely, AXIS Companion enables remote management of the entire video surveillance system. Eliminating the need to be on-site for simple maintenance, the software provides the ability to remotely support and maintain existing surveillance systems with a complete overview of the system status. Simple and effective troubleshooting is enabled, with direct action making it possible to manage system operations such as user permissions, upgrading and restarting devices.

Scaling solutions with video, audio and more

Once the value of video surveillance is established, many organizations will want to expand their solution with additional cameras and other security devices. AXIS Companion video management software is designed and validated to seamlessly integrate with the entire portfolio of Axis products, including network cameras, audio devices and network intercoms. Axis solutions are easily adapted to the specific needs of every business and to flexibly expand and address both today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

In terms of recording video, while images can be recorded onto an SD memory card in each camera, AXIS Companion can be combined with AXIS S3008 Recorder for additional flexibility and scalability. Both recording methods support growth from a single site to multiple sites, with AXIS Companion delivering all of its benefits in remote video viewing and system management.

Premium video management with simplicity at its core

Every Axis surveillance camera delivers high-quality video. Whether a system includes a single camera or multiple devices – and as it grows to make use of other connected devices and recorders – the quality of the management software is the foundation for maximizing the value from the investment in hardware. And with the video management software included with the Axis hardware, for many organizations, AXIS Companion is the ideal and cost-effective entry point to advanced video management software, and to support the next stages of solution growth.

Find out more about AXIS Companion and download here.
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