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Optimizing buildings with technology

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written by: Joshua Gerena
Joshua Gerena
Commercial real estate

In the early days of commercial buildings, the focus was primarily on providing practical spaces for businesses to operate. However, the expectations of commercial real estate have fundamentally shifted in today’s competitive market. Commercial buildings face several challenges, ranging from the imperative need for energy efficiency and sustainability to the need to integrate smart technologies. 

Commercial real estate is going high-tech

Hybrid workplaces, transformation technologies, and shifts in societal and environmental priorities are factors shaping the evolution of commercial buildings. Internet of Things (IoT) devices are transforming the industry, making properties more efficient and providing the facility owners and managers with more and more insights. Now when it comes to the technology integration in commercial real estate space, open standards become crucial to leverage its full potential. An Axis solution is always based on open standards ensuring futureproofing and designed with an optimal total cost of ownership in mind. This offers more freedom when the needs or priorities change. You aren’t locked into a proprietary system. Additionally, it’s easy to scale up and down both the size of the system and the functionality of the solution.

With visual cameras, access control, audio, and analytics, you do not only create a top-notch security solution but also you get insight into your whole business performance. 

Camera as a sensor

Cameras working as sensors can help make informed decisions to run the buildings in optimal ways. Additional benefit of devices and analytics being built on open standards, is that they can be integrated with other systems for multiple purposes that helps operate buildings more cost efficiently. With the help of metadata from cameras, and insights from partner solutions dashboards can visualize data on occupancy levels in different areas and timings for example. Acting upon these insights enables smart use of heating, lighting, and air conditioning in your buildings, making buildings operate more cost-efficiently. Read about how AstraZeneca used a mix of Axis cameras to understand how people were using spaces at their campus. 

Sustainability is becoming a key consideration with the ability to monitor and control energy usage, optimize temperature settings, and monitor air quality. These devices contribute to creating more sustainable and energy-efficient buildings. By leveraging IoT technology, commercial real estate can not only enhance security but also reduce environmental impact and achieve long-term sustainability goals. 

Now, let's talk about video intercoms

Making guests feel welcome and maintaining a secure environment starts with a door controller. Or 2N door intercom with integrated access control and built-in IP cameras, with visual verification to automated access control. Video intercoms allow occupants to communicate with visitors at entry points. Here, cameras with intelligent analytics can alert to loiterers and people approaching restricted areas or acting aggressively. You can intervene over an intercom or send a guard if a visual assessment of the situation demands it. It's convenient, secure, and adds an extra layer of protection. Find out how PAE in Portland chose access control and 2N intercom with a card reader -  a solution that would consume 50 percent less power.

Driving cybersecurity

The threat of cyber-attacks also applies to commercial buildings. If a building’s network is hacked, all systems of the building can be hijacked. For network solutions, data captured over the network must be both safe and treated in accordance with evolving data protection legislation. Axis has the expertise needed to assess risk, and we build processes for data protection into every level of our offering, all the way from the design process through to day-to-day operations support.

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Joshua Gerena

Joshua Gerena plays a key part in formulating and executing strategies to enhance Axis’ presence across commercial, multi-tenant, and residential sectors. With over two decades of experience within manufacturing industries, Josh possesses a deep understanding of network audio and video solutions, access control, and intercom systems. His primary focus is on leveraging smart home and smart building technologies to drive industry innovation.

Joshua Gerena
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