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Key trends and insights from Intertraffic 2024

Intertraffic Event Axis

Intertraffic is now firmly established as the leading event for people working in smart mobility, infrastructure, traffic management, road safety, and parking. Every two years, more than 35,000 professionals gather in Amsterdam to learn about, discuss, and debate the latest developments and trends in the sector.

Axis colleagues Andrea Sorri, Segment Development Manager for Cities, and Linda Magnertoft, Global Enterprise Segment Marketing Manager for Transportation, headed to the event and returned with a wealth of insights and perspectives.

If you’re interested in understanding the key trends in smart mobility and traffic innovation, and in being inspired to see how smart technologies can help solve some of the most pressing challenges, then all roads must lead to Intertraffic Amsterdam. 

One of the most rewarding parts of the show for us is meeting Axis partners. It’s inspiring to see how they’re using our technology as the foundation for innovative mobility and traffic management applications and solutions.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the use of AI in analytics was a significant focus at Intertraffic 2024. With the event being held every two years, the speed of innovation is easy to see. During the last Intertraffic, in 2022, AI was very much seen as a future trend. At this year’s event it had clearly moved into real-world deployment.

Cameras have become smart Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, integrating edge computing and deep learning to provide enhanced scene data, analytics, and traffic statistics. In mobility and traffic management, it is clear that the camera has become the preferred primary sensor.

The data created by cameras alone can generate numerous actionable insights. When combined with data from other sensors, it has created a new generation of applications and solutions.

It is encouraging to see the enhancement in solutions, not only in terms of improved public safety, but also in solutions for better traffic efficiency and smart traffic data collection for actionable insights and future planning.

Image quality, ease of integration, and edge computing capabilities appear to be the essential attributes required for AI-enabled solutions. We saw extensive deployment of these technologies in the solutions showcased at the event.

As we met partners using Axis technology, we took the opportunity to ask them how they are using AI, often enabled by the edge processing capabilities of Axis cameras, to advance their traffic solutions, creating safer and smarter mobility and road safety. Find out how they responded in the videos below.

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Andrea Sorri and Linda Magnertoft reflect on the latest trends and insights in the traffic industry and share their main takeaways from Intertraffic 2024. 

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A number of Axis partners outline the top trends driving demand related to traffic management and traffic safety, from the environment to public safety to parking.

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Hear how Edeva and DataFromSky are using the combination of Axis cameras and radar to improve accuracy and insights in their traffic management solutions. 

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Asura Technologies and Citilog highlight how image quality and camera processing capabilities are the foundation for their traffic management and enforcement solutions. 

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DataFromSky  and Waterview detail how Axis cameras provide the ideal platform for the development and deployment of AI-enabled traffic management solutions. 

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Sprinx and Smart City System Parking Solutions speak about the strength of their partnership with Axis, and how the quality and flexibility of Axis cameras supports their AI solutions. 

Linda Magnertoft

Linda Magnertoft works as a Global Marketing Manager at Axis Communications in Lund, and is responsible for the Transportation segment. She is a business-orientated marketer with many years of work experience in international marketing from global companies in different industries. Linda works closely with Axis’ regional sales and marketing team, and with partners in the transportation industry, to promote innovative and smart solutions. In her free time she enjoys to travel, outdoor activities, to spend time with family and friends, and enjoys all kind of sports – like cross country skiing and running!

Linda Magnertoft
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