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Selecting an 8 Channel Recorder

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From simple, small-scale installations to multi-site deployments, Axis Communications offers a wide range of 8 channel recorder solutions that cater to your needs. Selecting the right equipment is important, and so with this guide we’ll help you make the ideal choice.

8 channel recorders support up to a maximum of 8 video stream inputs. This means that they naturally suit small-scale site deployments. You may only have one location that needs surveillance, or multiple small sites (like a restaurant chain) that you’re managing.  And depending on your situation, you may only need simple reactive surveillance capabilities, or more advanced, active security functionality. In short, there’s a whole range of scenarios that 8 channel recorders can cater to.

However, if you need help choosing recorders for larger (more than 8 cameras) site operations, have a read of our full recorder suite guide here.

Axis offers 3 different types of 8-channel recorder, the AXIS S2108, AXIS S2208, and AXIS S3008. Each has its own merits, and between them, can fulfil a broad range of customer needs. But which one suits your needs?

To help make sense of our customers varying needs, we can group them into 4 typical levels of demand.

Group 1: Simple, single site deployment

Your situation checklist:  

  • You want something simple, compact, easy to use, and cost-effective. 
  • Your recorder will primarily serve as storage for your surveillance footage.
  • Software-wise, you just need to be able to look back on your recordings when events arise, receive alert notifications, and occasionally login to view the site.
  • At most, you only need integrated network speakers and intercom functions, nothing more complex like access control.
  • You probably won’t have a dedicated workstation to manage your surveillance system, rather using a laptop, computer, tablet, or phone to access the system from anywhere.
  • You might have plans in future to open another simple small site to connect with this current one (see Group 4 for more details).

Example sites include*: Local corner store, independent coffee shop or restaurant.

Recommended recorder: AXIS S3008 Recorder 

  • AXIS S3008 Recorder runs on our own Linux-based AXIS OS.
  • It provides Power over Ethernet (PoE) for your cameras.
  • And it comes available in 2, 4, or 8 TB storage options.

Group 2: Active monitoring of a straightforward surveillance system

Your situation checklist: 

  • You occasionally need to actively monitor your system, and/or have more advanced software functionality and integration capabilities with things like access control systems.
  • The devices you’re connecting are still relatively simple. This means they don’t require high amounts of power, so you aren’t running lots of multi-sensor cameras or features that require higher levels of processing.
  • As such you still want something cost-effective.
  • You’ll likely have a dedicated workstation from which to manage your network.

Example sites include: Independent pawn or jewellery store, local power substation, private offices.

Recommended recorder: AXIS S2108 Appliance

  • This recorder comes with 8 licenses for our powerful Video Management Software (VMS), AXIS Camera Station for active management of your surveillance system.
  • All hardware components, including the PoE switch and hard drive, are validated to meet the demands for reliable, basic surveillance up to 1080p.
  • It operates on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2021.
  • Note, it comes with 2TB HDD storage.

Group 3: Advanced local surveillance system

Your situation checklist: 

  • You need to actively manage your system, and/or have advanced software functionality and integration capabilities that require high(er) levels of processing.
  • The devices you’re connecting are more sophisticated and require higher amounts of power, such as multi-sensor, or wide-angle/panoramic cameras.
  • You might also want to record in 4K.

Example sites include: Small commercial sites, small retail stores, parking lots, small pop-up events, small offices.

Recommended recorder: AXIS S2208 Appliance

  • This recorder also includes 8 licenses for our powerful VMS, AXIS Camera Station.
  • All hardware components, including the PoE switch and storage units, are validated to meet the demands for reliable high-definition surveillance up to 4K Ultra HD.
  • It comes with 4TB HDD storage with an additional free storage bay for expansion.
  • It operates on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC 2021. 

Group 4: Multi-site management

Your situation checklist: 

  • You are (or will be) running multiple small sites.
  • You’re looking for cost-effective investments as these are multi-site operations.
  • And you don’t want to have to replace your recorder infrastructure as you continue to scale.
  • Locally, these sites don’t need the most advanced surveillance systems, but you need them linked together and remotely accessible.
  • You may even have a central main server and workstation toward the back end of the network you want everything to connect to.
  • And you may want more powerful software functionality at this central server that isn’t needed at the local level while trying to keep bandwidth demands low.

Example sites include: Coffee or gas station chain, area-wide substation management, multiple offices, banks. 

Recommended recorder: AXIS S3008 Recorder

  • As well as serving as a simple local recorder, AXIS S3008 can also function as a bridge for scaling and extending operations. 
  • These deployments can either connect to your centrally managed AXIS Companion client software, or, for more advanced requirements, a central recorder running AXIS Camera Station, such as AXIS, S12, or S22 series, to leverage its rich software functionality.
  • Large portions of the AXIS Camera Station processing and buffering can even be offloaded to the AXIS S3008s, reducing the demands on this central server. This means customers could scale back the level of investment in their central server, or potentially use only a workstation running AXIS Camera Station such as our AXIS S93 series.
  • Additional sites can be added to the network as you continue to scale.

*please note that all examples are not exhaustive.

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