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Axis Loan Program: Test Before You Invest

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The product specs look good. The project design looks good. But before you deploy a sizable physical security solution, you want to make sure that it’s going to work as promised. That’s where the Axis Loan Program comes into play. It’s a technology lending program that gives customers planning large-scale projects a way to test Axis products and concepts before they commit to buy. 

How it works

Typically, when a customer asks to demo a few Axis products before deciding to make a purchase, their local system integrator or Axis regional manager provides a short-term loan from their existing demo inventory. But when the proposed project is large—perhaps involving multiple sites or complex integrations—the proof of concept could take 45 days or more and require more inventory than the integrator or Axis regional manager has available for that purpose. That’s when the integrator turns to the Axis Loan Program for assistance. Axis ships the products to the Axis regional manager or directly to the integrator, who then schedules a convenient time to install the demo devices and software at the customer’s site.

More than a loan

Loaning technology is only part of the service. Axis works with sytem integrators to help them design and deploy the best solutions for customers’ needs. When a integrator installs demo technology on a customer’s site, Axis specialists work alongside them to align devices properly and program them correctly for the targeted scenarios. In this way, the customer is able to affirm that the demo system accurately reflects how the solution will perform when fully deployed.

Getting it right

The Axis Loan Program has proven to be a valuable resource for customers in countless vertical markets—healthcare, education, retail, and more. Testing solutions before customers invest helps them choose the best Axis products for their needs. 

For instance, a large hospital complex is currently testing a new Axis camera for inpatient care and monitoring, making sure it integrates properly with the hospital’s emergency alert system. A major oil and gas company is using the program to determine how Axis devices and analytics can detect smoke and fire at their facility early enough to prevent a major incident. A large retail service facility is testing cameras and analytics to document vehicle care and improve customer service. They’re also using the demo technology to collect data to help them achieve greater operational efficiency.

Because the loan program gives customers access to the entire Axis technology portfolio, customers are able to confirm which products are best for their industry-specific applications.

A team effort

The Axis Loan Program is an integral part of Axis’ core commitment to building long-term, trusted relationships with partners and customers. If a product or design doesn’t work as expected, Axis will help a partner modify the solution until it solves the customer’s problem or achieves the desired outcome. And the relationship doesn’t end once the solution is up and running. Axis supports partners and customers through technology updates, lifecycle management tools and services, as well as ongoing training to help them continue reaping benefits from their investment for years to come.

It’s not always easy to know which video surveillance product is best for a specific situation—especially with complex, large-scale installations. The Axis Loan Program lets customers see solutions in action and helps make selecting the right products simple.

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