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Benefits of a trusted partnership, dedicated support and high-quality end-to-end solutions

Mark Buxton, Director, Fox Tango Asset Protection, talks about the ongoing relationship with Axis and explains why reliable, fully supported solutions are the only option for a safer future.

How long has Fox Tango Asset Protection been in operation?

Although relatively new, my colleagues and I come from solid backgrounds within the electronic security, emergency systems and radio communications industries. We also have expertise in security risk assessment and threat awareness. Our team's combined 40-year operational background encompasses a huge wealth of experience and knowledge. This ranges from protecting critical national infrastructure sites and providing support to industrial and commercial premises, right through to network infrastructure and cybersecurity.

What are your thoughts on the partnership with Axis? How has this benefited your business?

Our primary goal as a business is to support our clients’ needs. We effectively become part of the team. With Axis, we are also made to feel like part of the team and have been fully supported with every project that we have undertaken using Axis’ solutions. They are very knowledgeable and constantly offer help and advice. Having a dedicated key account manager, technical support, and, of course, the Axis Academy for building on knowledge around both existing and forthcoming Axis solutions, is fantastic. As technical specialists ourselves, we don’t require technical support very often, but when we do need it, it’s there.It’s not just read from a script but is provided as part of a genuine personalised service from a company that really cares about its partners. This desire to help and to see its partners flourish makes us feel well supported.

How do Axis’ solutions compare with others on the market?

There is always something new in production, whether that is new firmware, new chips or brand new hardware. In my experience, there are far too many ‘fit and forget’ products on the market; cheap off-the-shelf technologies that do not meet customer needs and are simply installed and then forgotten about, with no customer aftercare.

The technology combined with Axis’ approach to partner relationships and customer service puts them well ahead of other industry manufacturers.

With Axis there are assurances as to the longevity of each solution, such as a detailed service management plan. This is the difference between specifying a dedicated end-to-end security solution to meet long term customer objectives, rather than just putting up a selection of poor quality technologies and hoping for the best; not a smart option in a world where physical crime and cyber crime are continually on the rise.

Does the openness of Axis’ solutions add to their appeal?

The Axis product range is robust and its ability to operate across open platforms for ongoing development and integration with other partner solutions is certainly a big plus point. With other products and other manufacturers there are too many unknowns.

At Fox Tango, we protect critical assets, buildings, perimeters and people. We simply cannot use solutions with questionable credentials. This is one of the main reasons that we chose Axis.

Can you tell us about any projects and provide examples of the solutions?

One of our first projects was with a food manufacturer who wanted a highly secure, yet highly adaptable, security solution. This comprised video surveillance cameras with onboard edge analytics for intrusion detection; two-way intercom using AXIS Network Video Door Station; and an IP audio system; all controlled using AXIS Camera Station. Specifying an end-to-end solution from a single manufacturer makes the entire system much simpler.

You are an advocate of AXIS Site Designer. Can you explain why it is so important?

Generally, we specify and design everything before we go out to a site. It’s not commercially viable to hold large amounts of stock at our premises, so by using AXIS Site Designer we can put together a whole solution virtually and know exactly what inventory we need. We have many upcoming projects, some of which will utilise exciting products that we are looking forward to working with. AXIS Security Radar, for example, will allow customers to detect human and vehicle movement, providing advanced intrusion detection and passing an instruction to PTZ cameras, enabling the tracking of movement.

This is a very powerful solution with wide ranging applications across a variety of industries and sectors, and AXIS Site Designer makes it incredibly easy to illustrate to the client.

Do you have any final thoughts about the current physical security requirements of your customers, and the role that trusted partnerships play?

All of Axis’ products are designed to meet end user needs. It seems simple, but it’s surprising how many customers will put up with a ‘make-do’ solution because they are not fully aware of their options. It’s important to realise that many solutions are not tailored in any way, and often consist of a mix of off-the-shelf products that cannot be properly integrated. Axis really is ahead of the curve in that respect, listening to customer requirements and offering solutions that allow for fluidity, customisation, scalability, and integration to ensure that exact customer requirements are met and often exceeded. Using such technology gives us confidence in our ability to deliver high quality solutions, and we know it gives the customer confidence in us, and in Axis.

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