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High-quality security solutions help support furniture retailer’s EU expansion

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Matt Robson, Head of Sales and Marketing at Welcome Gate, talks about an exciting new project made possible through innovative technology and a long-term partnership with Axis.

Matt Robson at Welcome Gate
Matt Robson Head of Sales and Marketing

Can you provide an introduction to Welcome Gate?

Welcome Gate has been in operation for over 15 years and specialises in tailoring bespoke security packages to suit individual business needs. Our expertise covers video surveillance, access control and intruder & fire alarms. Welcome Gate prides itself on its dedication to delivery and exceptional customer service; taking a consultative approach to support its customers and work closely with them to deliver a solution that ticks all of the boxes, fully meeting their expectations.

Can you explain your latest project and what the main challenges were?

We were first approached by a well-known London-based furniture designer and retailer to specify and install a system that would improve the security of their regional offices. Following recent expansion which has seen the opening of several experiential showrooms across Europe and four large storage warehouses, we were again asked to develop a solution to protect the vast quantities of furniture held across the sites. The solution needed to be able to provide protection both inside and outside the premises around the clock, even in low-light conditions. Key factors were that the system should be able to facilitate remote monitoring from any location, removing the need for security personnel to be continually present on site. It should also be cyber secure, protecting the network by removing the risk of security technologies presenting a vulnerability.

How did Axis become involved as a technology partner?

Welcome Gate has enjoyed a close working relationship with Axis for almost five years. Axis was the first company to put a camera on a network, and the resilience of their solutions combined with their longevity and expertise makes them the natural choice for such a project. Axis stands as a shining example of how to do security correctly. In a market where products are often hastily produced with low levels of quality assurance and poor transparency in the manufacturing process, Axis solutions represent high quality and reliability. Furthermore, Axis’ strong ethical foundation underpins its manufacturing process, and its unwavering dedication to sustainable practices is something to be greatly admired and emulated.

Which Axis products were chosen for the project?

34 Axis cameras were installed across the site covering various points both indoors and out. AXIS Lightfinder, installed across the cameras, results in clear surveillance data even in low light, and outside the premises during adverse weather conditions. The video feeds are managed through two systems running AXIS Camera Station video management software that also utilise two network video recorders. The cameras and recording technology are connected using seven Power over Ethernet (PoE) network switches.

How has the customer found the new solution?

The customer is very happy with the new system and the quality of the Axis products. Right from the outset account managers from Axis and Welcome Gate sat down with the customer to design and specify the solution using AXIS Site Designer tool. This allowed them to play an integral part in the process. The finalised solution allows them to monitor video feeds either on-site in a central control room, or away from the site via mobile device. The ability to record, edit and quickly package video for the attention of the relevant authorities has given managers, operations staff and security personnel a renewed sense of confidence as a result of feeling better protected.

With regards to this project are there any future plans?

The customer’s rapid expansion means that we will be replicating this solution across additional sites. In addition, they are looking to bring other elements of their business in-house. For example, rather than using an external photographer to create images of their product range, they are instead opening their own photography studio. This will also need to be secured. Such is the scalability of Axis’ solutions, we can easily build upon the existing system to provide additional protection, even adding third party solutions where required by taking advantage of Axis’ open standards. Creating a future-proof security system for the customer that can evolve in-line with their business was always a priority, and we are already looking at how IP audio and access control can be incorporated in our next phase.

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