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In OPEN conversation: The next Gen of Unified Security

Operators using forensic search in Genetec

Ahead of Axis OPEN, George Tannous, Area Vice President of META and UK/Ireland at Genetec, discusses the Axis Powered by Genetec access control solution, and how an open, collaborative approach is the key to creating true innovation.

What’s the history of the Genetec and Axis partnership, how did it lead to the creation of Axis Powered by Genetec?

Axis and Genetec share a trusted partnership based on a 25-year history of close collaboration, mutual trust, and development ingenuity. It’s a relationship driven forward by our shared focus on digital transformation, innovation, and cybersecurity. Today we have a joint customer base of thousands of companies around the world. Our common goal of delivering powerful and creative solutions to customer needs is what underpinned the development of this sophisticated new enterprise-level access control technology.

How is the Genetec and Axis relationship helpful, what are the benefits? 

Thanks to our long-standing relationship, our development teams have been able to work extremely closely together sharing ideas, coding and engineering best practices. This has led to the development of what we believe is ground-breaking innovation. 

We share a common objective: accelerating innovation and streamlining the release of cutting-edge technology to promptly offer our customers tailored solutions that address their specific business requirements. By integrating hardware and software into a single device, we present businesses with an extra avenue to enhance their operational efficiency and cybersecurity, all while reducing their overall ownership costs.

Can you tell us more about Axis Powered by Genetec?

Axis Powered by Genetec is the industry’s first enterprise-level access control offering that combines access control hardware and software in one unit. It is designed to be very easy to deploy as the AXIS A1210 and A1610 network door controllers come pre-loaded with the Genetec Synergis access control software. This completely removes the friction typically associated with traditional software/hardware integrations. Not only does it simplify the installation process, but it also reduces maintenance, and brings built-in cybersecurity features at both the hardware and software levels. 

The new solution is designed with advanced access control features that are continuously updated with the newest improvements and cybersecurity enhancements. AXIS Powered by Genetec helps bring the intelligence of Synergis closer to the door, making the delivery of business logic to customers, faster. This means that organizations can benefit from the same level of functionality even when the network is temporarily down. Its containerized architecture makes the most of computing power on the edge, allowing businesses to optimize security and business operations daily.

This non-proprietary, open-platform solution provides customers with maximum flexibility to scale as their physical security needs evolve.

What are the benefits for system integrators? 

Installation and maintenance of software for access control systems previously required IT expertise as well as skill in physical security deployment. Because Axis Powered by Genetec combines hardware and software in one unit, it greatly simplifies the installation process. 

With this new solution, integrators can offer easy-to-deploy hardware pre-loaded with industry-leading access control software. This reduces the friction of traditional integrations, decreases maintenance requirements, and enhances cybersecurity at both the hardware and software levels.

Plus, non-proprietary, open platform solutions provide customers with maximum flexibility to scale as their physical security needs evolve. Integrators can work with customers to implement their system in phases or evolve their system as needs change.

Overall, the SI and the customer can expect a high level of support. Genetec partners that aren’t already in the Axis channel partner programme can seamlessly enrol and get the benefits offered there, and there’s a clear support pathway on offer to end users. 

In addition, working on the edge makes so much sense, too. The AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP) means Axis Powered by Genetec devices that come with Synergis software preloaded removes any integration issues, which makes it less complex – more cost efficient to install, and adds value to the customer relationship, just what SIs are looking for. Both companies are working hand-in-hand to pull off a triple win: software, hardware, and support in one. 

How does the Axis Powered by Genetec platform address cybersecurity issues?

Access control systems can play a significant role in an organization’s cybersecurity strategy. Selecting a system that is automatically updated with the latest protection measures and best practices makes it easier to defend against cyberattacks. 

When access control hardware is pre-loaded with industry-leading security software, you know both manufacturers are working hand-in-hand to meet high standards of security over the long term. A close partnership ensures product and firmware improvements, new features, and important cybersecurity updates can be automatically delivered to ensure they are always secure and up to date.

What’s coming down the pipeline for the Genetec collaboration with Axis?

The tech teams at Axis and Genetec have never worked so closely together. There’s a lot of R&D happening behind the scenes, and a common desire to come up with new solutions and architectures to suit customers’ unique IT requirements and long-term IT goals. 

Currently, we are looking at on-premises and advanced cloud solutions, hybrid architectures, and the possibilities of AI and deep learning. Metadata and analytics are incredibly important to Genetec, and Axis hardware is a great source of data. There’s a world of potential out there. And the Axis Powered by Genetec programme is confirmation of the trust and commitment that our companies have in each other – it’s something customers can invest in for the long term.

What will you be talking about at Axis OPEN?

We’re proud to be part of the Axis OPEN event series. The Axis Powered by Genetec programme is just the beginning; our primary focus is going to be on the power of integration and partnership, how working together can push the potential of technology further, and we’ll be sharing the results of our deep alignment on product development with our partners, channel and end users. We’ll also have hardware on hand to demonstrate – and we’ll be involved in sessions across the OPEN lineup.


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