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#AxisInnovates 16 - the digital transformation edition - out now!

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Discover the latest issue of #AxisInnovates magazine

Axis has launched a digital transformation themed special edition of its regional magazine, #AxisInnovates. The latest issue of the e-zine takes a deep dive into the hot topic and explores how network cameras and the video data they produce can help support digital transformation projects across industries.

With video sensors increasingly becoming business intelligence tools for streamlining and optimising processes, the widening scope of capability puts the physical security community in a strong position to work with new industries and sectors as the digital transformation agenda gathers pace. Furthermore, we are witnessing increased appetite from beyond the security space to harness the power of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), and explore new avenues for exciting applications of connected technologies.

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Linn Storäng, Regional Director Northern Europe, Axis Communications: “To think of the network camera - an essential part of any company’s security infrastructure - as being a tool for security purposes alone could be a missed opportunity. Today’s cameras are versatile IoT devices, capable of offering a number of additional benefits through analysis of high-quality video data that can be used to accelerate and enhance digital transformation efforts. The key to discovering that potential is to refocus; if a camera can see it, your systems can act upon it.”

#AxisInnovates 16 brings together articles from industry experts and case studies showcasing how network cameras can support digital transformation, with examples across healthcare, logistics and sports analysis. Along with this industry insight, a spotlight feature on the Axis ARTPEC-8 chip examines its ability to support digital transformation applications through deep-learning analytics on the edge.

We hope you will find #AxisInnovates 16 informative as we explore the cutting-edge solutions and applications that are unlocking a smarter, more connected and more efficient world for modern industry.

Read #AxisInnovates 16: The digital transformation edition
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