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Device management and professional audio capabilities for Axis devices in Milestone XProtect®

Device management and professional audio capabilities for Axis devices in Milestone XProtect®

Axis Communications announces a new version of AXIS Optimizer for Milestone XProtect offering improved support for audio, device management, as well as centralized license plate list management in Milestone XProtect.

AXIS Optimizer version 4.5 includes improvements to its existing speaker manager integration, which currently includes push-to-talk and zone management for edge announcements through cameras and speakers. This new version makes it possible for administrator roles to set up AXIS Audio Manager Edge directly in Milestone to enable professional audio capabilities in the system. For instance, it’s possible to schedule announcements, play background music, and more.

Available for pilot users, the AXIS Device Manager Extend integration enables remote management of all connected Axis devices in Milestone XProtect. All Axis devices listed in Milestone can easily be exported to AXIS Device Manager Extend. Featuring a single, central dashboard, this intuitive, easy-to-use tool allows you to perform crucial device maintenance tasks at scale, such as upgrading firmware on all Axis devices. Plus, this latest version of AXIS Optimizer allows operator roles to create and manage allow and block lists for AXIS License Plate Verifier analytic directly in the Smart Client.

Key features for this release include:

  • Send device lists in batches from XProtect to AXIS Device Manager Extend
  • Duplicate device names from Milestone in AXIS Device Manager Extend
  • Professional audio capabilities
  • Mix live and scheduled announcements
  • Manage license plate allow and block lists in SmartClient

Available for free as a one-time installer, AXIS Optimizer is a cost-efficient suite of integrations that optimizes the performance of Axis devices in Milestone. It helps all system users save considerable time and effort by dramatically reducing the number of steps needed to optimize Axis and Milestone systems.


** Please email to find out more about joining the AXIS Device Manager Extend pilot program for Milestone.

Monica Tomar
Press contact
Marketing Manager, South Asia Pacific , Axis Communications
Monica Tomar
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