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Three reasons to attend OPEN – An event of Opportunity, Connection and Discovery

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Axis Communications is proud to introduce OPEN, a new event concept showcasing the role of technology in shaping security, safety, and operational efficiency. In partnership with Genetec and Milestone Systems and supported by Axis Technology Integration Partners, Axis will be hosting a series of ambitious and engaging events across the UK and Europe starting in the autumn of 2023.

There are many reasons to attend OPEN, but we’re going to hone-in on three. The events aim to open new opportunities for visitors, facilitate connection with wider industry leaders, and enable discovery of the challenges and opportunities arising from the key trends in the security industry. Embracing openness does not mean compromising on security. Quite the opposite, in fact: tomorrow’s biggest security innovations will be built on open platforms, through open collaboration, with an open mind to what comes next. 

The intention of the OPEN events is to enable peers to connect with each other and experts in the field, discover the latest trends that will impact them and ways to collaborate, and, ultimately, to unlock these challenges to realise new business opportunities. By working together, we can create a smarter, safer, more sustainable world.

View the OPEN event agenda and register for OPEN Oslo, 07/11: 

#1 - OPEN your mind to new opportunities

The ever-changing technology landscape inevitably raises a lot of questions. In the OPEN Mind area, plenary sessions, debates, and breakout workshops will help attendees discover the key developments that will help the industry keep pace with the speed of digital transformation; find out how to best exploit the benefits of AI today, and where AI will take us in the future; and explore the cost, agility, and efficiency benefits of edge processing, and much more.

OPEN is a chance to find the answers and explore the effect of technologies that many will not yet have even considered. It is also an opportunity for industry leaders to catch up with the latest product and solution updates from the world of security, ensuring no business is left behind. 

#2 - OPEN connections with security and business leaders

OPEN will be a significant opportunity to meet the people that matter, helping attendees make new networking connections and unlock new business opportunities in person. The OPEN Learn area is a tech bar designed to facilitate conversation and answer questions in an intimate and friendly space - a destination for delegates to learn about technological innovations.

OPEN events will play host to a variety of speakers from Axis, its partners, and expert leaders in their field, presenting testimonials and case studies revealing challenges and solutions as well as global technological innovations. Issues around AI, the cloud, and topics such as cybersecurity and sustainability will take centre stage, bringing the entire security ecosystem into one place.

#3 - OPEN up to discover the latest trends impacting the security market

OPEN is designed to answer key questions through education, collaboration and networking. The OPEN Zone area gives our partners the opportunity to deliver personal presentations and product demos to address specific challenges and individual needs, such as calculating the total cost of owning a system over its lifetime (TCO). This will deliver a unique and insightful experience to OPEN’s event attendees and help to fast-forward their understanding. 

Save the date – Axis OPEN Events for 2023

Madrid – 3 Oct 2023
Paris – 17 Oct 2023
London – 31 Oct 2023
Oslo – 7 Nov 2023
Helsinki – 21 Nov 2023

Further EMEA events for 2024 will be announced soon.

Register now for OPEN Oslo, 7th November 2023: 

OPEN Oslo, 7th November 2023
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