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Collecting insights to ensure a great customer experience

Axis partner network

Collaboration and innovation go hand in hand. To make it easier to do business with us, we listen and collect insights with the goal of improving the customer experience in every step of your journey.

A seamless ecosystem experience 

The value and the importance of partner feedback has been a priority for us from the beginning. We recognize that the way to achieve the best results is to closely collaborate with our partners and customers. The success of our partner ecosystem is driven by a shared goal to innovate and deliver the highest quality products and solutions for our growing customer base. This has enabled us to stay flexible, motivated, and able to respond quickly to new use cases as they arise. 

Through open and continuous dialogues, we better understand your needs, which in turn allows us to learn how to make your experience better. For example, seamless communication with important stakeholders within our eco system will make your everyday work easier, enabling you to concentrate on accelerating solution sales.

Collecting regular insights in different ways

Our sales, marketing, and technical teams constantly gather and act upon partner feedback. However, it’s important for us to have a standardized approach to collecting and collating this valuable information. In addition to our ‘open door policy’ welcoming the opinions and suggestions of partners, we conduct annual formal surveys to ensure we pick up insights over time and can follow up on feedback continuously. It also gives us the opportunity to understand where we’d need to dig deeper and ask the right questions to get the responses that help us improve and focus on the right activities. 

The surveys explore a range of different factors. These include where we’re performing well, such as our committed stance to delivering high quality products and services, as well as maintaining our position as a trusted and knowledgeable market leader. They also serve to highlight areas where we can take greater steps forward.

Once we collect the responses, we dedicate a significant amount of time to reviewing the thoughts and suggestions shared by our partners. This gives us the opportunity to build and improve our partner programs, offer efficient technical, business, and marketing support, and develop the training resources you need along your journey.

Partner feedback for program development

Thanks to you taking the time to participate in our regular customer research activities, we can develop our partner programs, and enhance and expand our offering and partner benefits.  

For example, we launched Technology Integration Partner Program as a direct response to partner feedback. Also, the specializations within the Channel Partner ProgramAXIS Camera Station specialization and Axis network audio specialization were developed based on partners’ wishes to specialize on specific solutions. 

Continuous open dialogues for innovation

Encouraging a culture of open communication in our partner ecosystem enables a climate for the mining of ideas to build into product and solution innovations, to support your customers’ challenges. The openness also supports a culture of continuous assessment to ensure the best customer experience and service possible from us to you. 

The customer journey naturally evolves over time. Being agile and responsive to your feedback and ideas for how best to improve is key for us, with the goal to help you accelerate your business. 

We understand that our partners and their customers aim to achieve their best. Through commitment, shared expertise, leading quality and a focus on forward thinking, the Axis partner network enables them to do just that.
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