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The Axis Partner Ecosystem: A Foundation for Mutual Success

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From concept to installation and beyond, it takes a team of professionals with a wide range of expertise and proven experience to bring a physical security solution to life. And that’s the value of the Axis partner ecosystem. This extensive community consists of almost 25,000 system integrators, technology partners, consultants, and distributors actively engaged with Axis. Various types of ecosystem partners present unique value to Axis customers and to the partners themselves.

The value that system integrators bring to Axis customers

When embarking on a project, it always helps to partner with professionals who understand the unique challenges of one’s industry. Within the Axis partner ecosystem customers can find system integrators (SIs) who are strong generalists as well as those with expertise in specific vertical markets like healthcare, education, and transportation. These SIs not only possess a depth of knowledge about the subset of products and applications best suited for those markets, but also the nuances governing those installations. For instance, SIs working with casinos have the skills to compensate for strobe lights and neon signs while SIs in the retail industry are well-practiced in dovetailing technology with store aesthetics. 

SIs in the Axis partner ecosystem are highly educated professionals. Committed to lifelong learning, they stay current on new technologies and methods that can benefit their customers by regularly attending classes and certification programs at Axis Communications Academy. 

The sheer size of the SI partner ecosystem means customers can always find a partner with the right background and experience to fit their needs. From concept to design, from pre-configuration to installation, and ongoing maintenance and support, Axis SI partners can be counted on to deliver cost-effective, reliable, and efficient solutions, on time and in budget.

The value that technology partners bring to Axis customers

While Axis prides itself on being a total solution provider, its end-to-end solutions aren’t always the best fit for every customer, in every scenario. Rather than limit customer choice, Axis has partnered with an expansive network of technology companies and developers whose devices and software complement its own open platform technology. 

These highly reputable technology partners represent the best in their class. They each have a proven history of providing customers with reliable products that can be depended on for years to come. But history and reputation alone aren’t sufficient. Before accepting a partner’s application, Axis extensively tests that partner’s products, systems, and services to ensure they meet the required standards for quality, integration, and performance. 

What’s equally important to customers is that this partner ecosystem isn’t a stagnant cohort. While long-term relationships with existing technology partners are highly valued, Axis continues to forge new relationships, identifying and vetting compatible technology partners with the potential to help customers integrate solutions to meet their current and future needs.

The value that the ecosystem brings to system integrators

Axis fosters a true partnership with its SI partners. The Axis business model includes never selling directly to customers, so the relationship is never competitive. In fact, Axis invests in its SI partners’ success through a host of resources and support. For instance, Axis provides integrators with specialized tools to help them design and execute projects—everything from devising floor plans to selecting the right cameras and angles for a scenario, from generating bills of materials to creating a roadmap for new functionality.

The three-tiered Axis Channel Partner Program provides integrators with a range of sales, marketing, networking, training, and technical support to help them increase revenue and improve overall business performance. As they move from Authorized to a Solution Silver and Solution Gold partner level, they’re afforded access to a multitude of additional benefits, including heightened pre- and post-support service from Axis and opportunities for joint marketing.

Being a collaborative partner is fundamental to the Axis business model. Beyond creating leading technologies, Axis prides itself on providing SIs with the resources to win projects, successfully install them, and actively support them post sales. 

The value that distributors bring to system integrators

Distributors in the Axis ecosystem do far more than pick, pack, and ship. They’re the lynchpin in the supply chain. But ensuring product availability is only one of their many services; because of their vast product knowledge, both of Axis and complementary vendor technology, they can also help SIs with design and preconfiguration services. 

Axis carefully curates a select number of distributors to ensure healthy, reliable, and symbiotic partnerships. As a result, distributors are able to provide SIs with additional benefits such as competitive lines of credit and financing options.

Distributors also participate in ongoing training on Axis products so they can help SIs generate demand for new Axis technology and identify opportunities for SIs to pursue. It’s all part of a multi-level effort to invest in SIs’ success and is what separates the Axis ecosystem from its competitors’.

The value that architecture and engineering consultants bring to customers and integrators

Architects and engineers (A&E) are also important members of the Axis partner network. Their unique understanding of industry codes and compliance regulations is instrumental in the successful design and execution of a project. A&E consultants can help integrators and customers build world-class, innovative solutions using custom design tools, specifications, and schematics from Axis. Ongoing participation in Axis classes, online training, and certifications programs further enhances their value as trusted partners to integrators and customers alike.

A foundation for mutual success

Knowledge and expertise, experience and innovation. These are the essential building blocks integrators and customers need to construct and support high-quality technology solutions. And all this talent can be found in the Axis partner ecosystem.

From general and specialized SIs to complementary technology, collaborative consultants and a select distributor network, Axis connects integrators and customers with a rich pool of resources dedicated to helping them design and deploy first-class security systems.

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