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AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry: unified video surveillance and access control

AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry: unified video surveillance and access control

Businesses in all sectors and of all sizes should not be required to compromise on any aspect of their security, particularly as an incident, however small, can have a significant impact. Axis has always believed that every business should have access to not only the highest-quality video surveillance technology, but also the best software to monitor and manage their system. In response to customer feedback, the latest innovation in AXIS Camera Station brings together two critical areas of security - video surveillance and access control - in a unified interface.

The evolution of AXIS Camera Station

For many years, AXIS Camera Station has been well-known as the ideal video management solution for a wide range of video surveillance installations. Designed to be easy to set up and use, AXIS Camera Station enables customers to view and manage all devices connected to the surveillance system from one interface.

To meet new customer demands the Axis portfolio of IP products is constantly growing to include new capabilities, such as the integration of audio, radar technology and body worn cameras. The video management software is the hub to control and effectively manage these devices, and therefore AXIS Camera Station is in a constant state of evolution and upgrade to support this growth. With the launch of AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry, access control and video surveillance are brought together in a single software package.

Delivering the fundamentals of access control

Controlling access to buildings and premises is a fundamental part of any organization’s security, ensuring that only those already authorized for entry or required to have temporary access are allowed entry.

AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry delivers the primary functions of an access control solution. The software enables the easy management of cardholders and groups, and set up of access rules such as schedules, locations, and credentials. Beyond this, everything you expect from a sophisticated access management system is included: door and zone configurations, multi-factor authentication and customizable card formats.

Bringing the benefits of video-verified access control

With the launch of AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry, access management is added to the video management software, enabling operators to manage both video surveillance and access control from the same, unified interface across a single site: the access control functions are available to the operator in the same interface. The intuitiveness of the user interface is imperative. Different users might use the system for different purposes: a receptionist might be creating temporary access credentials, while it is likely that someone else would be reviewing recorded video during an investigation.

Broadly speaking, the benefits of video-verified access control are three-fold: live-monitoring of access points; assistance in allowing access; and post-incident investigation.

Remote video URL

Keeping an eye on entry points

For any business, being able to monitor those entering or leaving the premises is of critical importance. While access control systems provide a level of protection, access passes and credentials can also be lost, stolen or even handed over (whether innocently or with criminal intent). Video-verification through AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry allows operators to check that the individual entering matches the credentials. In addition, for less busy entrances or out of normal working hours, it’s possible to trigger video, alerts, and actions when, for instance, a visitor is approaching, a door has failed to close properly or access has been denied. Instant alarms can be created for when a door is open for too long or forced open, and specific events can also be used to trigger other actions such as playing audio messages or recording video.

Assisting in secure access

Through the same unified interface operators can manage access for individuals at any point in time by validating entry by comparing live video with card-holder photo . This might be the case in providing access for visitors or deliveries, or when an authorized member of staff arrives having forgotten or lost their entry credentials. In addition, the solution makes it simple to add new users, or remove those who are no longer authorized for access. The door dashboard can be used confirm lock status and assist entry by allowing an operator to  control doors. 

Post-incident investigation

Access points to buildings can, unfortunately, become flash points for incidents. Whether it’s someone attempting a forced entry or an employee becoming frustrated with credentials not working or being rejected, the video recording of access points is valuable in investigating incidents after they have taken place. AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry allows operators to search, find and review, for example, video of all those entering the building in the past hour or those who were denied access. The combination of video and access control logs makes it straightforward to investigate an incident – for instance a report of theft – and gather the evidence and data to build a case.

Easy and intuitive to use

AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry is an out-of-the-box ready solution, and is included in AXIS Camera Station video management software as stand-alone licenses, or pre-loaded on Axis network video recorders (AXIS S11 and AXIS S22). There is no activation fee for AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry and the licensing model is simple: one license per device, no matter whether it is an Axis camera or an Axis door controller. A full installation also requires AXIS A1601 Network Door Controller with connected card readers.

AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry is optimized for up to 128 doors and up to 10,000 cardholders with support for multiple credentials per cardholder. The user-friendly, web-based interface makes it simple to add or remove users with easy drag and drop operation. It’s also possible to set up users based on specific criteria such as user location and schedule, so operators can easily control who has access to which access points and at what time.

By synchronizing all databases with AXIS A1601 Network Door Controller, all access control decisions are made locally on the edge. No matter the status of the network or server, the door will always work. The solution is designed with cybersecurity in mind and provides encrypted communication to ensure data is protected. Finally, with support for Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), the system can continue to operate even when there is a power failure.

The advantages of a unified approach

With security, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. While individual technologies deliver benefits in themselves – video, audio and access control together–brings the maximum return in improved security and operational efficiency. This focus on providing end-to-end solutions where every element is validated to work together is central to the Axis vision of innovating for a smarter, safer world. AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry makes realizing these benefits seamless, intuitive and cost-effective.

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