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AXIS Optimizer streamlines designing Axis-Milestone systems

AXIS Optimizer streamlines designing Axis-Milestone systems

Axis Communications announces the release of a new version of AXIS Optimizer for Milestone XProtect (5.0) that streamlines design of Axis-Milestone, adds new forensic search capabilities in Smart Client and provides multi-language support in the Management Client. It is available globally September 13, 2023 as a free download at

AXIS Site Designer is a powerful software tool that makes it easy to design surveillance systems, from design drafts, project estimates, system installation and all project documentation. This helps system designers easily create the right system to fit the exact operational requirements and needs while making projects faster to create, revise, and implement. Integration with third-party video management software has been limited, until version 5.0 of AXIS Optimizer which now enables direct system design and configuration from AXIS Site Designer into Milestone XProtect. 

AXIS Site Designer users start by selecting Axis devices and Milestone recording appliances and configuration settings for a project. Then these details — which cover all device settings and information (names, gps coordinates and descriptions), recording and streaming rules and scheduling — are then imported and configured directly into Milestone XProtect Management Client and Smart Client via AXIS Optimizer. Everything related to the system design import can be saved as documentation. This integration helps save time and effort and ensures a controlled system design and configuration process. 

This 5.0 release also adds metadata attributes for the upper and lower body clothing colors, making it possible to narrow down searches of people. For instance, to find a suspect wearing black trousers and a blue hooded top. In addition, this latest release includes new supported languages for the Management Client including French, Italian, German, and Spanish in addition to English.

Key features for this release include:

  • Seamless integration of AXIS Site Designer in XProtect
  • Updated forensic search: filter by upper and lower body clothing colors 
  • Additional supported languages in Management Client

Available for free as a one-time installer, AXIS Optimizer is a cost-efficient suite of integrations that optimizes the performance of Axis devices in Milestone XProtect.

AXIS Optimizer for Milestone XProtect version 5.0 will be externally launched on 13 September 2023.

Chris Shanelaris
Press contact
Public Relations Manager, Americas, Axis Communications
Phone: 978-614-3023
Chris Shanelaris, Public Relations Manager at Axis Communications US
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