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Advanced I/O and relay module with expansion module for extended system functionality

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Axis Communications announces an advanced I/O and relay module for an easy and cost-efficient way to extend the capabilities of security systems. With an expansion module available, it can be used to connect up to 128 I/Os and 64 relays using just one PoE cable—no need for an extra network cable drop. 

This I/O and relay module can be used to monitor inputs from cameras, analytics, alarm buttons, environmental sensors, and more, and detect and respond to system events. Additionally, based on open standards and compliant with VAPIX, it’s easy to integrate with third-party advanced security systems such as VMSs, security, tampering, alarm, and intrusion systems. 

With ten I/O ports including two configurable I/Os, five inputs, three outputs, and one form C relay output, AXIS A9210 Network I/O Relay Module makes it possible to extend the functionality of any Axis product or third-party security facilities system. It’s ideal for integrating with security management systems making it easy to add physical access control for door monitoring and scheduling lock control. Thanks to multi-drop technology, it’s possible to connect up to 16 expansion modules to one AXIS A9210 device.

Key features include:  

  • Ten I/O ports with supervised inputs  
  • 1 form C relay, wet or dry 
  • Supports up to 128 I/Os and 64 relays with one IP cable 
  • Based on Axis open platforms—VAPIX® and ACAP 
  • Axis Edge Vault safeguards the device 

This outdoor-ready, scalable device offers flexible, cost-efficient installation and it can be installed anywhere without the need for costly servers. Furthermore, Axis Edge Vault, a hardware-based cybersecurity platform, safeguards the device and protects sensitive information from unauthorized access.  

Chris Shanelaris
Press contact
Public Relations Manager, Americas, Axis Communications
Phone: 978-614-3023
Chris Shanelaris, Public Relations Manager at Axis Communications US
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