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Zone and Division 1-certified explosion-protected camera with deep learning


Axis Communications announces an explosion-protected camera designed and certified for use in Zone and Division 1 hazardous areas. Preinstalled with smoke alert analytics and hardhat detection, it offers many benefits for health and safety applications and operational efficiency.

AXIS XFQ1656 is certified worldwide for use in hazardous locations (Class I/II/III Div 1, Zone 1,21, IIC, IIIC, and Ex I Mb certified). Including a 1/1.8” sensor and adjustable iris, this 4 MP camera offers excellent light sensitivity and premium image quality. With smoke-alert analytics preinstalled, it can monitor for signs of smoke or fire in combustible environments. Additionally, AXIS Object Analytics can detect people in restricted areas, and it supports compliance with safety regulations through hardhat detection.  

Including a deep learning processing unit, this camera can analyze more data than ever before—on the edge. It can also be easily integrated with production monitoring and industrial control systems to provide valuable image-based data, analyzed by deep learning algorithms. This can help improve scene understanding and offers valuable information about processes. 

Key features include:

  • Worldwide hazardous area certifications 
  • Excellent light sensitivity 
  • Advanced analytics preinstalled 
  • Suitable for installation worldwide 
  • Axis Edge Vault safeguards device  

This robust, IP66/67/68-rated camera includes Axis Edge Vault, a hardware-based cybersecurity platform that guarantees the device’s integrity and protects it from unauthorized access. Furthermore, it offers flexible installation anywhere in the world with multiple power and network connectivity options. 

The camera will be available through Axis distribution channels in Q2 2023. 

Terri Miller
Press contact
Marketing Specialist, Axis Communications
Phone: +27 11 548 67 80
Terri Miller, Axis Communications
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