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Axis risponde alla domanda di Body Cam leggere e facili da indossare con il nuovo concept "indossabili per tutti"

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AXIS W110 Body Worn Camera

Axis Communications announces AXIS W110 Body Worn Camera, a lighter, friendlier kind of wearable camera specially designed to protecting staff and reduce assaults in organizations in sectors like retail, healthcare, and transportation.  With the latest addition, Axis addresses the spearheaded demand for a wearable camera designed for use cases outside law enforcement.

Wearable cameras are effective at deterring bad behavior and positively influencing the actions of the public and camera wearers alike. 

“Until now, body worn cameras have been aimed almost exclusively at law enforcement and security organizations", says Olof Leidecker, Product Manager at Axis Communications, “With AXIS W110 Body Worn Camera we bring the benefits of wearable cameras to ‘the rest of us’ with a camera that’s compact, lightweight, and easy to use, and fits right into a myriad of environments.”

AXIS W110 Body Worn Camera deters, protects, and documents. Wearers and the public feel they're not alone, which contributes to a sense of well-being and a more peaceful workplace. AXIS W110 Body Worn Camera also offers excellent image and audio quality with exceedingly sharp images and clear audio for forensic usability. 

  • Compact form factor (85g, 75*55*19 mm)
  • Lightweight with flexible mounting options
  • Open standards for easy integration with your own systems
  • Easy to find and retrieve footage
  • End-to-end encryption

Based on open standards, AXIS W110 Body Worn Camera offers easy integration with AXIS Camera Station as well as with third-party VMS of your choice. You can store as much footage as you like without compromising image quality and it’s easy to find and retrieve footage. The system also features end-to-end encryption. It also goes without saying that it doesn’t compromise HIPAA compliance. 

AXIS W110 will be available through Axis distribution channels in Q4 2023.

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