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Axis opens R&D office in Stockholm

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In line with ambitious plans for growth and expansion, Axis Communications can announce the opening of an R&D office in Stockholm, Sweden in Q1 2024. 

Axis is one of the technology companies in Sweden that invests most in Research and Development and last year approximately 18% of Axis revenue was reinvested in R&D.

The establishment of the new site outlines the commitment of Axis to continue to invest heavily in R&D in to promote continued growth. The new R&D office will be home to several key engineering competencies and product areas, such as ASIC design, hardware product design, QA, and software development.  

Stockholm boasts a thriving tech ecosystem and is home to numerous successful startups, larger multinational technology companies, and cutting-edge research, making it a hotspot for talent. 

“We have already begun recruiting for a strong initial team, which will act as a stepping-stone to around 100 colleagues within a couple of years. From there we hope to grow in size to allow us to further expand.” says Gustav Kälvesten, R&D Director at Axis.

The development of the office in Stockholm will run alongside the expansion of the Lund and Linköping sites. The new site is planned to open in early 2024 and will be situated in the western area of Kungsholmen.

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Björn Hallerborn
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