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Axis suspends remaining operations in Russia

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Following the decision Axis Communications made in February earlier this year – halting deliveries to Russia and not accepting any new orders or registering any new projects in Russia – Axis will now suspend its remaining operations in Russia.

Axis long-term assessment is that the business environment in Russia will continue to be surrounded with uncertainties, due to sanctions and countermeasures caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The decision to suspend remaining business operations in Russia includes closing Axis office and Axis Experience Center in Moscow.

“The outlook for doing business in Russia contains too much uncertainty. What’s most difficult about our decision is that it affects colleagues that have been part of Axis for a long time, and that have contributed to our positive development throughout the years. Our main priority now is to support them in the best way we can, says Ray Mauritsson, CEO of Axis Communications.  

Axis opened its Moscow office in 2008. The process to suspend remaining operations in Russia is currently ongoing and affects around 25 employees. The process also includes having a close dialogue with distributors and business partners affected by the decision.

(Axis Russian subsidiary, Axis Communications LLC, was liquidated as of January 29, 2024.)

Björn Hallerborn
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Björn Hallerborn
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