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All-in-one cabinet speakers provide great sound and a stylish, flexible solution

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New smart cabinet speakers for voice messages and background music

Axis Communications introduces a new series of smart cabinet speakers for voice messages and background music. With a sleek design and both black and white color options, these two speakers are ideal for indoor and under-eaves outdoor installations in retail, educational, commercial, and other settings.

The new cabinet speakers complement the Axis portfolio, ensuring a match for any installation. The larger AXIS C1110-E has a richer bass sound than the smaller AXIS C1111-E, making it ideal for background music, while both speakers enable clear live and prerecorded voice messages for security, safety, and beyond.

These all-in-one speaker systems come with audio management software for scheduling, zoning, and user management. They’re built on open standards for easy integration with VoIP telephony, VMS, analytics, and more. Built-in digital signal processing ensures excellent sound out of the box, and they connect to the standard network for a scalable, cost-effective solution. They’re also packed with smart features: I/O ports enable integration with devices such as buttons and strobe lights, while a built-in microphone supports remote health testing and two-way communication with echo cancellation.  

Key features include:

  • Stylish, flexible all-in-one speaker  
  • Connects to standard network 
  • Easy installation with PoE 
  • 2-way audio with echo cancellation 
  • Remote health testing 

Installation is simple. After the included bracket is mounted, the installer has both hands free to click the speaker into place and tighten the fasteners. The speaker can be positioned horizontally or vertically on walls, ceilings, or poles – wherever a quality, design-forward audio solution is needed.

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