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Axis network door controllers with OSDP verification ensure interoperability with OSDP readers

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Axis Communications announces updates to AXIS A1210 and AXIS A1610 network door controllers. These network door controllers are now Security Industry Association (SIA) Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) verified. This protocol ensures our door controllers provide secure bidirectional communication with peripheral devices such as card readers. 

Fully integrated within Axis and third-party solutions, AXIS A12 and AXIS A16 network door controller series are optimized for both small and large installations. They include everything needed to control up to two doors. 

Tested and verified by the extensive SIA OSDP verification program, our new generation of network door controllers are now marked “OSDP Verified”. These smart, edge-based door controllers are certified to meet the communications standard for access control security and interoperability. This means they can be seamlessly used with any OSDP-based peripheral devices such as card readers, enhancing customer confidence and eliminating any questions around interoperability.

Key features of our next generation door controller include:

  • Advanced control for up to two doors
  • Interoperable, secure products with OSDP certification
  • Intelligence on the edge
  • Built-in cybersecurity features
  • Fully integrated within Axis and partner solutions

The SIA OSDP Verified program is an extensive testing initiative that confirms a device's compliance with the SIA Open Supervised Device Protocol. The OSDP Verified mark validates that the door controllers are interoperable, high-security access control solutions. Read more about the SIA OSDP verification program

Learn more about Axis network door controllers, which provide the benefits of open-architecture IP, and are at the heart of access control solutions.
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Madeleine Eibrand
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