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Metadata speeds up search and automation for fast response in Milestone XProtect®

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Axis Communications announces the release of a new version of AXIS Optimizer for Milestone XProtect offering improved metadata including object attributes in addition to object type to accelerate forensic search. This release also allows users to automatically play audio clips and includes functionality to detect speeding vehicles.

AXIS Optimizer forensic search plugin offers a smarter way to search for, recover, and share video evidence. For instance, it’s now possible to efficiently pinpoint a specific vehicle based on its color.

This latest version also includes zone speed search allowing users to search for vehicles traveling at specific speeds within specific zones. Ideal for ensuring safety in off-road applications, it works together with the AXIS Speed Monitor application to visualize the speed of vehicles in a radar detection zone in the camera's live view. It’s then possible to set up specific filters to narrow the forensic search, and export and share video evidence during investigations.

In addition, this release makes it possible to set up triggers and automatically play audio clips. Using the AXIS Optimizer event server plugin, users can create custom actions on Axis devices based on real-time events. For instance, it’s possible to play an audio clip from an Axis speaker whenever motion is detected.

Key features for this release include:

  • Metadata attributes describe color
  • Easily filter search results
  • Detect speeding vehicles
  • Play audio clips automatically

Available for free as a one-time installer, AXIS Optimizer is a cost-efficient suite of integrations that optimizes the performance of Axis devices in Milestone. The metadata attributes run on a growing range of Axis deep learning cameras. To find out more, visit the Axis Product Selector.

AXIS Optimizer for Milestone XProtect version 4.6 will be externally launched on 12 December 2022

Madeleine Eibrand
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Communications Specialist, Axis Communications
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Madeleine Eibrand
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