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Positioning camera delivers unobstructed view with superior light sensitivity

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AXIS Q8615-E PTZ Camera

Axis Communications announces a high-performance positioning camera ideal for ground-to-sky as well as wide and long-distance surveillance. This new product replaces AXIS Q8685-E and AXIS Q8685-LE PTZ Cameras. With the same positioning unit, it offers IR as an optional accessory making it possible to capture images even in complete darkness.

Featuring HDTV 1080p resolution with 31x optical zoom, AXIS Q8615-E delivers outstanding image quality. It can be column-mounted, on poles or walls for a continuous, unobstructed 360° panoramic view and a ground-to-sky view from -90° to +45°. Including a very light-sensitive 1/2” inch sensor, Forensic WDR, and Lightfinder it ensures sharp, clear images even in extreme low-light conditions.

AXIS Q8615-E comes with AXIS Guard Suite analytics for detecting motion, intrusion, and loitering. It also offers autotracking functionality. And active gatekeeper automatically moves the camera to a preset position when motion is detected in a pre-defined area. Thanks to AXIS Object Analytics it can detect and classify people and vehicles- all tailored to specific needs.

Key features include:

  • Superior light sensitivity with Lightfinder
  • WDR, 31x optical zoom
  • Support for intelligent analytics
  • Built-in cybersecurity features
  • IR illumination as an optional accessory

This high-performance positioning camera offers flexible cable management for efficient installation. With a SFP slot, it supports long-distance fiber connection. Additionally, an integrated, long-life silicone wiper ensures cost-effective maintenance from remote locations. Furthermore, built-in cybersecurity features prevent unauthorized access and safeguard the system.

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