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Easy-to-use, compact recorder now compatible with AXIS Camera Station

AXIS S3008 Recorder compatible with AXIS Camera Station

AXIS S3008 Recorder, an easy-to-install recording solution, launched in July 2020, now offers even greater compatibility with Axis video management solutions, making it possible for customers to easily expand their systems as their needs grow. Additionally, it offers a highly cost-efficient way to horizontally scale a system, by adding more recorders and devices, to easily deal with increased workloads.

Already compatible with AXIS Companion, this compact recorder is now also supported in AXIS Camera Station, as a Preview feature. This means customers currently running AXIS Companion can move to an AXIS Camera Station system while keeping all existing hardware.

It’s also possible to expand an existing AXIS Camera Station system by adding this recorder and connecting new devices to it.

When used with AXIS Camera Station, AXIS S3008 offloads the server consequently, so it’s possible to scale the system by adding dozens of recorders to one server. The support in AXIS Camera Station is currently available as a Preview feature, allowing customers to test the feature before the Public Release.

Madeleine Eibrand
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Madeleine Eibrand
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