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Statement concerning sales to Iran

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We have recently received many questions concerning if and how our products are sold and used in Iran. The answer is that no sales of Axis products may be carried out in Iran. We comply with all applicable export control and sanctions legislation in the export of our products. In addition to this, we have systematic screening of customers to prevent any violations.

Axis sells uncontrolled cameras (cameras that don’t require export license and that anyone can buy) to distributors who sell to resellers, who in turn sell to end users. For products that require export license, we have authority export licenses with end-user statements. However, no controlled products have been exported to Iran. Previously we sold uncontrolled products to a distributor which had Iran included in its distribution territory. Since 2020, Iran is excluded from this distribution territory, which means no sales of Axis cameras may be carried out in Iran and we do everything we can to prevent new products from entering the region. In addition to this, geo-blocking prevents firmware and software updates of Axis products in Iran.

Our network cameras are used all over the world to contribute to increased security and safety. They are installed in places like airports, stadiums, universities and shopping malls to protect people and property. We only develop solutions for legal, responsible and ethical usage, and we oppose our products being used in ways that could violate human rights. At the same time, we are of course aware of that our products can be used in ways we never intended. That is why we are continuously working to improve in this area.

Björn Hallerborn
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Björn Hallerborn
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