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AXIS Live Privacy Shield – now with license plate masking

AXIS License Plate Recognition

AXIS Live Privacy Shield, a scalable, edge-based application which can remotely monitor activities while safeguarding privacy, will now support masking of license plates as well. This latest addition means that with AI-based dynamic masking it’s possible to mask entire human bodies, faces, license plates, or the background—all tailored to specific needs.

Available as a free download, AXIS Live Privacy Shield can monitor activities while addressing rules and regulations protecting privacy and personal data. It’s possible to blur human bodies, faces, license plates, and backgrounds to protect sensitive areas of the scene. Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, it works in real-time on both live and recorded video streams and delivers streams that mask personal data. This is ideal in certain areas where the use of video surveillance is restricted.

This edge-based, license-free application is easy to scale without the need for additional servers. AI-based dynamic masking allows operators to choose what to mask. For instance, it’s possible to mask entire human bodies or just faces, license plates, a mixture of these, or just the background. Operators can also set up masking exclusion areas and view streams without masking—ideal whenever an incident occurs.

Key features include:

  • Safeguards privacy in real-time
  • Edge-based dynamic masking
  • Flexible AI-based masking
  • Cost-effective, scalable application
  • Free download

This cost-effective solution can help organizations avoid potentially costly privacy issues and penalties for data protection violations.

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