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Axis Communications enhances Zipstream with new Storage Profile feature

Axis Communications enhances Zipstream with new Storage Profile feature

Axis Communications has launched “Storage profile”, a one-click profile select feature for Zipstream. The new feature provides intuitive optimization for installers and end users, automatically selecting the most suitable encoding and compression settings for the device while preserving important forensic detail when recording video for storage.

Axis Zipstream is already proven to lower bandwidth and storage requirements by an average of 50% or more. The latest updates to Zipstream allow customers to realize even greater savings from transmission and storage while benefitting from simplified integration, usability, and improved compatibility with the “Storage profile” feature. For installers, this feature makes it quicker to install and optimize devices, as well as integrate them with video management software (VMS).

Key benefits include:

  • One-click configuration. Selecting the new storage profile automatically sets Zipstream parameters to their optimal level for video stream storage.
  • Easy integration. A new extension to the VAPIX API makes integration with most VMS straight forward. The new storage profile will be enabled by default in upcoming releases of Axis Camera Station (ACS) and is available to video products as of AXIS OS 11.3.
  • Even greater savings. Further reductions in bitrate, especially in scenes with a greater amount of motion, cut down on storage and bandwidth costs. Ease of configuration along with improved compatibility make adoption straightforward and less time intensive.

Selecting Zipstream storage profile further reduces bitrate while ensuring all important details are preserved for forensic evidence. These reductions are made possible thanks to easy-to-use encoding tools available to the integrator through new extensions to the existing API, and through a new feature in the camera settings interface for the user. However, by not enabling storage profile, the previous Zipstream settings remain individually configurable if desired.

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