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Powered by partnership: How Axis works with partners to drive success

How Axis works with partners to drive success

Although history provides many examples of individuals achieving great things, the truth is that the results are rarely accomplished without some level of collaboration. Partnerships are the driving force behind achieving common goals, as they leverage the best work and expertise from each party. Axis recognizes the strength in collaboration and its partnership work has been the driving force behind the company’s success in the security industry.

With an ecosystem spanning 179 countries, Axis has developed trusted relationships by building strong connections and creating new possibilities for both the company and partners – regardless of whether they’re a system integrator, reseller, software and technology vendor or an architect and engineering consultant. The value that Axis has brought to these partnerships has been beneficial, allowing both parties to bring novel solutions and innovations to new and existing markets.

Working hand in hand for mutual business opportunities

True partnerships are built on equality and mutual trust and the Axis partner ecosystem is driven by a shared goal to innovate and deliver the highest quality products and solutions, creating long-term sustainable growth.

As new use cases emerge, solutions will need to be created to address current problems and even those that arise in the future. Axis works with partners that are experts within their respective fields, which allows the company to stay lean, focused and cutting edge, while also collaborating with and benefitting from other leading companies. This ability to integrate different systems and applications is facilitated and made possible by Axis’ open platforms and technologies.

Avinash Trivedi, VP Business Development at Videonetics, a member of the Axis Technology Integration Partner Program, commented, “Collaboration and co-creation is the key to success. Axis and the Videonetics teams work closely on all aspects of collaboration i.e. from technical integration topresales to the GTM. This collaboration has resulted in many joint wins together. The objective is to deliver truly integrated, cutting edge and innovative solutions to customers, integrators, and partners.”

Who can get involved in Axis’ partner ecosystem?

The ever-changing security landscape requires companies within this field to stay ahead of the curve, by keeping on top of the latest technologies and customer needs. There is no one-size-fits-all; different types of professionals are needed to achieve industry goals, bring new products to market and ultimately improve safety and security for all. Whether it be architects and engineering consultants who build world class designs, companies deploying smart software integrations or system integrators and installers creating complete solutions, Axis can provide the products, training and expertise to help accelerate business goals and company growth.

The benefits of becoming a partner

By working closely together, partners are empowered to solve a broader range of customer challenges and as a result, increase their competitive advantage. Axis’ experience, expertise and commitment to quality can be directly leveraged to benefit partners in several different ways:

  • Strong commitments: It’s critical that partners are able to depend on Axis and the commitment to long-term partnerships is at the core of the company. As a result, working transparently with partners and supporting them throughout the project lifecycle will help them to innovate cutting-edge solutions and achieve mutual success.
  • Global ecosystem: The Axis partner ecosystem brings together leading experts from different countries, making it easy to share experiences and specialist knowledge which helps create more relevant solutions for customers and new business opportunities. This local expertise is especially useful for international partner organizations with a global footprint.
  • Direct access to expertise: Axis has an industry reputation for superior reliability, together with a dedicated team, which is always there to share their experience and expertise. Through the Axis Communications Academy, partners can access expert training, support and industry knowledge. Additionally, highly engineered products, tools and solutions are brought to the table, along with an ease of installation and maintenance.
  • A dedication to quality: At Axis, quality is at the center of everything the company does. Whether it be the level of experience and knowledge, products, solutions, services or tools, partners can be confident that they are receiving the highest quality from the security industry.
  • Future focused: Remaining at the forefront of innovation requires a vision which anticipates new challenges and applications. Axis invests in potential, empowering partners to build the right balance between optimizing today’s business and creating new opportunities and areas for growth. It’s not enough to address problems faced in the moment, but to look forward with tomorrow’s needs in mind. 

Camstreamer is a long-standing partner of Axis and also a member of the Axis Technology Integration Partner Program. The company’s CEO, David Capousek, CEO, ommented, “We decided to work with Axis back in 2006, when we started our cloud video surveillance business and we put all our bets into this cooperation. It was a good decision that turned into a successful business we do today. It is important for us to work with such a professional partner as Axis, knowing we are on a safe side, when it comes to quality and reliability of cameras Axis develops.

“At the same time, we have access to all the software tools and resources we need for our development (VAPIX, ACAP, etc.) and those just work. Axis helps us not only with the software development, but we get a lot of support from Axis marketing and sales teams all over the world.”

David Antar, President, A+ Technology and Security Solutions agreed, saying “We partnered with Axis because we believe in their dealer centric business model, their investment in continual improvement and their never-ending focus on quality. Axis has been our go to partner for the last 24 years and they have never let us down.”

Collaboration is the key to a strong security offering

The best outcomes are rarely achieved without a team. Axis recognizes that they cannot be the best at everything and working with others is their superpower when bringing value to the industry. It’s a fundamental to Axis’ success. The most fruitful partnerships are mutually beneficial and built on trust, which drives genuine innovation for all parties involved. Through collaboration with partners within the ecosystem, new ideas are nurtured and emerging technology implemented to solve customer problems. Ultimately, Axis’ partnership program will fast track business success and help drive results for end customers.

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