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Axis announces the new Technology Integration Partner Program

Axis announces the new Technology Integration Partner Program

If there’s one constant in the technology sector, it’s change. The constant innovation and evolution in technological capabilities, development environments, and technology architectures leads to a need for a regular review of how Axis is working with its global community of partners. Reflecting this, Axis is bringing together the existing Axis Application Development Partner Program and the Axis Technology Partner Program into a single structure, the Technology Integration Partner Program. Alongside the thriving Axis Developer Community and enhancements to the AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP), the new program gives greater clarity for partners and customers, and creates opportunities for a new generation of solutions based on Axis technology.

Much of the success of Axis is based upon its relationships with thousands of partner organizations around the world, and their work in creating valuable solutions based on Axis technology. Axis has always had a philosophy of openness, with programs, initiatives, training and technology which provide maximum access to Axis technologies – the theory being that harnessing the skills and creativity of the largest number of people will lead to the broadest set of applications and solutions designed to meet customer needs. The commercial success of Axis and its partners is closely linked, and evolving the ways in which partners work with Axis is a constant focus.

For more than 15 years, two separate existing partner programs - the Axis Application Development Program and the Axis Technology Partner Program - have provided resources, training and support to partners focused on either software development or integration with hardware.

But as Jamie Donald, Program Director for Technology Partners at Axis explains, over time this separation has become less relevant: “The idea that you can separate hardware and software in the security and surveillance sector – indeed, in most sectors – has become almost obsolete. The two are so closely linked that it makes most sense to bring them together in a program which is focused on the integration between the two, which is exactly what we’ve done.

“In creating the Technology Integration Partner Program, we’re providing a simpler structure for partners, more clarity for customers and, perhaps most critically, the environment for a growing number of valuable applications and solutions. Ultimately the new program will deliver a triple win: for Axis, our partners and, most importantly, our end customers.”

A commercially-focused program

The Axis Technology Integration Partner Program is designed for partners which already have a commercially viable application or solution in market, or one very close to commercial launch, and which provide business and product support to their customers. In addition to extensive technical support to ensure the seamless integration of partner solutions with Axis products, partners in the program will benefit from joint go to market strategies, including business and marketing resources and support.

Malin Nilsson, Manager of Global Partner Marketing and Programs at Axis, expands on the opportunities for existing and potential Axis partners: “Many of our existing partners will be ready to step into the new Technology Integration Partner Program immediately, as they are already delivering applications and solutions based on the Axis technology. They’ll find all the resources that they’re familiar with, along with additional support to open new commercial opportunities. We’re also confident that the new program – allied to the enhancements to ACAP which lower the thresholds for developers to create computer vision applications for Axis cameras, and the reliability of our established VAPIX API – will help us find many new partners across almost every industry sector. Ultimately, as ever, our focus is on how to bring most value to customers through new applications and solutions.”

For those companies and developers in the innovation and start-up phase, the Axis Developer Community provides the perfect way to connect and co-create with Axis, and through this the potential to build the market-leading solutions of the future.

A new world of surveillance solutions

Axis continues to innovate and extend the performance of its camera platform. The first cameras featuring the latest iteration of the Axis system-on-a-chip, ARTPEC-8, have been launched, and with them, deep learning-based analytics within the cameras themselves at the edge of the network. With this advance comes the opportunity for an almost infinite number of analytics applications in safety, security, and business optimization.

Jamie Donald picks up the story: “Our latest cameras are almost unrecognizable in their processing power from the first network camera Axis invented 25 years ago. Through our own analytics applications we’re exploring the capabilities of this platform, primarily in relation to our core focus of safety and security. But the true potential of our hardware will be realized by the imagination and skills of our global community of partners and developers. It’s incredibly exciting to see what they’ll create in the coming years.”

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