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Save time and effort working with Axis-Milestone systems

AXIS Optimizer

Working with multi-vendor surveillance systems can be very time consuming. System integrators and users often spend inordinate amounts of time and effort ensuring devices work well in third-party video management systems. That changed with AXIS Optimizer, a free suite of plugins and integrations that streamlines how Axis devices work in Milestone XProtect®. It improves daily workflows and generates significant savings at every stage, from system design through installation, configuration, operations, and maintenance.

By definition, multi-vendor surveillance systems comprise hardware and software from two or more vendors. Users can struggle to effectively integrate and maintain the best hardware and software combinations. For these components to work well together, they need to be based on open standards and an open approach and provide clear documentation describing how other components can interface with independent technology stacks. 

Fortunately, both Axis and Milestone products are based on open standards, like ONVIF and VAPIX. However, innovation today moves so quickly that it is often very hard for any two separate vendors to stay 100% aligned when integrating new hardware and software capabilities. So, while Axis, VAPIX, Milestone and ONVIF make integrations possible, this doesn’t always mean everything will work optimally straight out-of-the-box. 

 It’s important all our users get the maximum value out of their Axis devices

Research conducted by Milestone and Axis found users were struggling with just this challenge: which Axis devices worked optimally out-of-the-box with which Milestone XProtect device pack, as well as where reliable information about integrations could be found.

The need for optimization

“The integrations needed to be better.” explained Joe Danielson, Global Strategic Alliances Marketing Manager at Axis Communications. “Research was telling us users were struggling with the status-quo. So, we committed to making sure Axis devices and applications work seamlessly in Milestone systems. It’s important all our users get the maximum value out of their Axis devices. That’s why we developed AXIS Optimizer for Milestone XProtect. By keeping this in-house we can quickly respond to new requests from the market and keep the suite a living and growing library.”

This is in stark contrast to most other device manufacturers, who typically only offer one-off device plugins. What’s more, these plugins are often outsourced to sub-contracted engineering houses.

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What is AXIS Optimizer?

AXIS Optimizer is a constantly growing suite of plugins and integrations that optimizes Axis and Milestone systems and ensures a unified user experience. It is intended for all Axis-Milestone system users, simplifying and expediting almost all processes and activities, from designing, installing and configuring, through daily operations, upgrades, and maintenance. Thanks to this, significant savings are accrued throughout a system’s operations. 

According to Dominic Bruning, Executive Technology Partner at Milestone Systems: “AXIS Optimizer for Milestone XProtect not only saves Milestone customers time and effort, but it also increases the quality of the system. Axis is the only device manufacturer to provide a full suite of integrations to optimize their devices in Milestone systems.” 

AXIS Optimizer for Milestone XProtect not only saves Milestone customers time and effort, but it also increases the quality of the system.

One of the main new capabilities in the latest version of AXIS Optimizer (5.0) is the integration of AXIS Site Designer with Milestone XProtect. This makes it easy to design surveillance systems including design drafts, project estimates, system installation, and all project documentation. Users can quickly select Axis devices and XProtect recording appliances in their design projects and then import all device settings and configurations, as well as scheduling settings directly from AXIS Site Designer into XProtect. This saves considerable time and effort. 

First launched in 2018, there are over 40,000 active AXIS Optimizer users today and nearly 1,000 people download AXIS Optimizer for free each month. But with more than 3.7 million Axis devices attached to Milestone, many more can benefit from this suite of integrations.

Do you work with Axis-Milestone systems? Then explore all the ways AXIS Optimizer can help you save time.
Monica Tomar
Press contact
Marketing Manager, South Asia Pacific , Axis Communications
Monica Tomar
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