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How a grant writing partnership can help boost school security

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Safety and security in schools.

Safety is paramount in every learning environment, making budget allocation towards security systems essential. However, safety and security should never be compromised due to financial constraints, which is why schools should consider utilizing grant writers to help unlock available funds released by government entities. Additionally, navigating the grants applications process is complex, so leaning on an experience grant writing team can help your school efficiently.

What are school security grants and what do they cover?

School security grants are funds provided by the government or non-profit organizations to help schools improve safety and security for students and staff. These grants can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Purchasing security equipment: This includes cameras, access control systems, metal detectors, and alarms.
  • Improving physical security: This may include upgrading locks on doors, windows, and gates, or implementing enhancements to the physical infrastructure of the school’s buildings to improve its security.
  • Providing safety training: Grants can also be used to fund training for school staff on how to respond to emergencies, such as active assailant incidents.
  • Mental health programs: Some grants fund programs that address potential root causes of school violence, such as mental health programs and anti-bullying initiatives.

There are school security grants available on both the federal and state level. The type of grant a school is eligible for will vary depending on the program as well as location and needs. These grants can be available as a one-time offering or annually appropriated.

Partnering with an expert grant writer: 

Grant writing requires specialized knowledge to navigate complex application processes successfully. Additionally, access to these funds can be a competitive situation as the nation continues to see increasing incidents of violence in schools. At Axis Communications, we collaborate with EMD NYC grant writing who has a proven record of accomplishment in assisting schools with securing funding. Here are some advantages of partnering with EMD:

  • In-depth knowledge of available grant programs tailored to school security projects
  • A focused security assessment report identifying threats, vulnerability, and risk; crafted with the grant reviewer in mind
  • Comprehensive proposal development, addressing all required elements to maximize success
  • Time-efficient service delivery, accommodating deadlines while maintaining quality
  • Ongoing communication throughout the entire process, ensuring your needs and concerns are addressed

One thing that was really helpful to me was to be able to talk through what I was trying to accomplish. Then the writer drafted the narratives -- demographics, purpose, scope, and budget. Then we reviewed, proofread, and edited for content. Collaboration was key,” said Jill Renihan, Executive Director of Business Services, Hernando County School Board, Florida.

We believe that strong collaborative relationships contribute to a safer world. Our grant writing partnerships reflect our dedication to supporting schools in achieving optimal levels of security, even when budgets pose a challenge. Together, we can pave the way for a secure future by tapping into valuable funds that might otherwise remain untouched.

Additionally, we encourage our customer-facing teams to take advantage of the educational programs made available through the Security Industry Association (SIA), such as their comprehensive security grants training course, which allows them to better understand the essential aspects of the federal grants life cycle and security-related grant programs.

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