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Enabling optimal efficiency for system integrators across the entire system lifecycle

December 2, 2022
Every element of the surveillance system lifecycle – from the initial design through implementation and configuration, to ongoing maintenance – can come with its own complexities for system integrators being that it likely involves multiple tools in addition to extensive human labor. Setting, managing, and meeting prospect and customer expectations is critical throughout the sales and business development process and in building relationships that will deliver value over the long-term.
How hard should it be to design a surveillance system?

Complete surveillance solutions make installation more straightforward

September 22, 2021
Installing surveillance systems can be a tricky business if you’re dealing with unclear instructions and incompatible components. To avoid these problems, site designers are creating systems comprised entirely of Axis hardware and software, making installation as straightforward as possible.
Complete surveillance solutions make installation more straightforward

Strength and resilience: Safeguarding the supply chain for the future

June 6, 2023
It is impossible to escape the fact that the various global uncertainties of recent years have had a major impact on the way businesses have been able to operate. One of the areas hit hardest has been global supply chains. To talk about the challenges faced, how we met them, and the lessons learned, we spoke with Jeanette Skjelmose, Vice President Operations and Peter Lindström, Executive Vice President Sales.
Jeanette Skjelmose and Peter Lindström discussing