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Finding the right access control solution for your business needs

Access control

Effectively securing premises and protecting against intruders can be a complex task, which starts with understanding how authorized individuals access the property. A number of factors need to be taken into account, such as identity verification, knowing when they should need access – for example, during their shifts – and what areas they need to gain entry to. This information is usually set up and managed by the security teams and access control solutions form a key part of regulating and understanding the normal and abnormal flow of people within an organization’s premises.

Although access control solutions are the first line of defense, not all businesses have the same needs. This article seeks to examine two access control management solutions from Axis in greater detail, highlighting the relative merits of each and helping to shorten the decision-making process.

Providing value for smaller premises

At first glance, it might seem that controlling the access to a smaller property may be more straight-forward, but security professionals still need to take into account whether entry will be limited to individuals or vehicles, ease of access and integrations with existing solutions.

AXIS Entry Manager has the functionality needed to manage a smaller access control system. It supports basic access needs, including controlling who is allowed to enter or exit through which doors, at what times, and with the identification type of choice – such as pin code, card, mobile device or license plate. This allows organizations to decide on what method of verification is the most convenient and introduces the least friction. Also, integration with existing systems such as elevator control or wireless lock systems, enhance the functionality of the access control system.

Meeting multiple security needs with a scalable solution

Larger premises with multiple entry points and a high volume of visitors, will typically require a more complex and complete solution. In addition, depending on the type of property more sophisticated security may be needed above and beyond a simple access control solution.

For example, premises which contain hazardous or dangerous materials would need to prioritize safety and protection against intruders, due to the potential consequences of a perimeter breach. Such organizations would benefit from an all-in-one solution which manages access control alongside video surveillance. Capabilities such as real-time video and access monitoring allows visual confirmation of individuals requesting entry and also provides records to be revisited in future by law enforcement if an incident occurs.

AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry is a validated, end-to-end solution part of AXIS Camera Station, ensuring easy management of a single site with video-verified access control. It offers access control management for staff and visitors, live monitoring of video, as well as access to logs linked with video recording for easy investigation of incidents.

Although this highly-scalable solution can manage up to 128 doors per server and up to 10,000 cardholders with support for multiple credentials, it is suitable for all organizations across a range of sectors – including retail and education – who require the ease and simplicity of one complete system. 

Choosing the right option for access control

Most organizations or premises have a combination of access control and video surveillance to suit their security and safety requirements. This can either be basic entry-level solution with integrated components, or an all-in-one solution where the system is unified. Each has their benefits, but even though different organizations have different needs, they do have the same security objectives when it comes to access control. Having the right solution in place helps to meet these objectives and support security personnel during day-to-day management and in the event of an incident.

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