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AXIS Camera Application Platform empowers developers making the move to edge computing

AXIS Camera Application Platform empowers developers making the move to edge computing

Axis Communications announces the release of AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP) version 4 offering new opportunities for developers looking to build solutions for Axis devices. Designed to lower the threshold for developers moving to the edge, it includes industry-standard APIs and frameworks as well as support for high-level programming languages.

For more than a decade, ACAP has enabled developers to create applications for various scenarios such as traffic management and business optimization. Today, given the increased image quality and particularly the introduction of edge-based accelerated deep learning, the data produced on the edge opens up the potential for a step-change in computer vision applications.

To address this opportunity, the fourth generation of ACAP has been designed to be as accessible as possible for developers through the adoption of well-known APIs and industry-standard technologies.

The principal change in ACAP version 4 is the introduction of the ACAP Computer Vision SDK. This new SDK bridges the gap between edge, server, and cloud-based environments. It is tailored for creating computer vision applications for the Axis AI-enabled product portfolio, for instance soon to be launched AXIS Q3536-LVE/38-LVE and AXIS Q1656-LE. Based on the latest Axis system-on-chip (SoC), these cameras feature a deep learning processing unit (DLPU) enabling advanced features and powerful analytics based on deep learning on the edge.

Key features include:

  • Develop and run container-based applications
  • Industry-standard APIs for Computer Vision
  • Support for high-level programming languages
  • Take advantage of hardware accelerated deep learning

Complementing the ACAP Computer Vision SDK is the ACAP Native SDK. This SDK offers broad support across the Axis product portfolio, including both devices and software products, and high-performance through close integration with the AXIS OS and hardware.

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Madeleine Eibrand
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