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Axis expands specializations across its global Channel Partner Program

Axis expands specializations across its global Channel Partner Program

In simple terms, the success of Axis can be attributed to two things: the company’s industry-leading technology and its network of global partners. Both areas are in a constant process of evolution and enhancement. With more powerful devices and more advanced software available than ever before, it’s critical that Axis partners are able and equipped to deliver the best advice and support to customers. To further strengthen the global Axis Channel Partner Program, specializations have been introduced to offer added resources and knowledge to partners with deep expertise in specific solution areas. Axis has now formalized the AXIS Camera Station specialization and made it accessible to partners focusing on end-to-end solutions, and has added a new Audio specialization to the Channel Partner Program.

Axis is a business built on partnerships. The Axis Channel Partner Program supports tens of thousands of organizations worldwide that provide the link between Axis technology, products and solutions and our customers. To those customers, the value they derive from Axis solutions – and critically the perception they have of Axis as an organization – is significantly influenced by our partners. Not only is it vital that Axis partners are equipped with the knowledge and skills to best advise customers and implement the most appropriate and valuable solutions, but also there is an alignment in values and ways of doing business. The ultimate result is that the commercial success of our partners and that of our own business are intrinsically linked.

As technology evolves, so does the Axis Channel Partner Program

Anyone working in the security and surveillance sector will recognize the extraordinary pace of technological innovation over recent decades. Today, surveillance cameras are powerful computing devices in themselves, and the recent announcement of the latest iteration of Axis processor designed specifically for video surveillance, ARTPEC-8, is an indication of the progress made since Axis created the first network surveillance camera in 1996.

When integrated with other sensors and network devices, using a wealth of partner applications, and combined with the flexibility and power of cloud- and on-premise server-based technology, the potential is almost unlimited. With this potential, however, has also come greater complexity.

Our partners invest their time and initiative to understand and adopt these new technologies, designing effective solutions for end customers that leverage their full potential. It’s only logical, therefore, that Axis aims to constantly add to and enhance the support and knowledge transfer given to partners. From this has emerged the opportunity for specialization in specific areas in order to differentiate partners and add value to partners.

Formalizing specializations

Alex LaCroix, Channel Partner Program Manager at Axis, describes the thinking that has led to the introduction of specializations: “Many Axis channel partners naturally gravitate towards becoming more specialized within areas of security solutions, whether defined by technology, solution type, or industry sector. In addition, we’ve seen a growing demand from customers for deeper knowledge and expertise in certain areas of security and surveillance solutions. The combination of these drivers has led Axis to formalize specializations within the Axis Channel Partner Program initially in two keys areas but growing in line with customer needs over time.”

Specializations will further empower Axis channel partners, elevating their expertise in specialist areas and making them an obvious choice for customers seeking the deepest knowledge and skills. Being recognized as a specialist will give partners a competitive edge, provide access to additional training, marketing resources and deliver further insight into Axis technology and product roadmap.

Any existing Axis channel partner can apply to become a specialist, irrespective of their current Axis channel partner status.

AXIS Camera Station as the first area of specialization

AXIS Camera Station has become a powerful foundation for many surveillance and security solutions, and the hub for managing and maintaining an increasingly diverse set of connected devices, from surveillance cameras to door stations, from network audio to body worn cameras.

Peter Currie, Global Specialization Manager, expands: “AXIS Camera Station has evolved significantly since it was introduced, and now plays a fundamental role in tens of thousands of customer solutions around the globe. This has naturally resulted in many Axis partners developing deep expertise and knowledge in the software, becoming specialists in its use and implementation. Bringing the AXIS Camera Station specialization to the Axis Channel Partner Program is a recognition of its importance, and also of the opportunity it presents to our partner community in elevating their credibility in the eyes of customers.”

Becoming an AXIS Camera Station Specialist unlocks exclusive training and updates that will enable partners to expand the offering beyond surveillance and build integrated solutions including audio, visitor management, analytics and more. It will deliver deeper knowledge about Axis range of network video recorders, and as specialist partners will get further support in how AXIS Camera Station Integrator Suite can simplify daily work, making it easy to design and manage customer installations.

Matt Robson, Head of Sales and Marketing at Welcome Gate, an AXIS Camera Station Specialist, gives the partner perspective: “The resilience of Axis solutions combined with the company’s longevity and expertise makes Axis a natural choice as a partner. Our specialist status highlights our capabilities to our customers, and allows Welcome Gate to standout from our competition.” 

Audio as a new specialization

In addition to the formalization of the AXIS Camera Station specialization within the Axis Channel Partner Program, Axis is also announcing a new partner specialization in audio.

The benefits of network audio are significant and varied, as Gilles Ortega, Business Development Director, Audio, at Axis describes: “Network audio has become a fast-growing area in recent years, as the value it adds to video surveillance in enhancing safety and security becomes more widely recognized. Through live and pre-recorded, automatically-triggered announcements, audio integrated into video surveillance acts as both a deterrent to crime and a critical incident-management tool. Customers in varied industry sectors are seeing the benefits in safety and security, improved operational efficiency, and in delivering a positive ambiance and customer experience in environments such as retail and hospitality.”

The new Axis network audio specialization will unlock new revenue streams for existing Axis channel partners, allowing them to showcase the incremental value that audio brings to existing video surveillance solutions. In addition, existing audio systems integrators which are not yet part of the Axis Channel Partner Program can join and then apply to become an Axis Audio Specialist, immediately positioning their business as an expert in Axis industry-leading audio solutions.

Similar to the AXIS Camera Station specialization, in addition to enhancing credibility with customers, becoming an Axis Audio Specialist will provide access to additional training, marketing resources, support and insight into the roadmap for new network audio solutions.

A specialized future for the Axis Channel Partner Program

The innovation in surveillance and security technology - more powerful hardware and the advanced software and analytics that this enables – means that the benefits to security, safety and operational efficiency are more extensive than ever before. A natural result, therefore, is the demand from customers for deeper and more specialist expertise.

“The formalization of the AXIS Camera Station specialization and the introduction of the Axis network audio specialization are the latest examples of our continued desire to add value to both our partners and customers,” concludes Alex LaCroix.

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