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Axis head office receives Lund’s City Building Award 2020

Axis new award-winning headquarters

The new Axis headquarters, which was ready for occupancy last year with spaces for 1300 employees, has received Lund’s City Building award 2020.

The office consists of a connected building, divided into several building ‘bodies’ of varying height that interact with each other. The building has been designed with sustainability and aesthetic thinking at the forefront and the health and well-being of employees' as the primary focus.

Those involved in design, architecture and function have worked closely together throughout the process. Andreas Jentsch and colleagues at Fojab Architects were responsible for the overall building design, the exterior and the outdoor environment, and Åsa Krantz and colleagues at Landén Krantz Architects focused on the interior design. Rune Frithiof was project manager from Axis and gathered the needs and wishes from various Axis departments, and Linn Ahlström and colleagues in the Axis Facilities department worked on the interior design concept alongside Landén Krantz.

Thoughts of the jury

“A powerful new building has been created in Lund. The building marks the gateway to Ideon's business district and this white and tallest figure is another landmark in the city. The symbolic value of an important head office being located here is important for the urban development that is taking place in Lund.

With great skill, the architects have handled the design of a large building through graphic facade design and well-balanced volume, something that can be appreciated from both near and far.

Inside, the building offers inspiring and exemplary office environments. The feeling of warmth and humanity permeates the execution where flexibility, durability and well-being characterize every detail.

Such a well-executed project requires a creative collaboration between clients and architects, where a high level of ambition and a common goal guarantee a beautiful and functional end result.”

About Lund's city building award

The purpose of the award is to “reward architects or other construction actors, who in a meritorious way have contributed to the development of the cityscape in the Lund municipality. In this connection, special consideration must be given to architectural initiatives that combine the development of the cityscape, beauty, a well-designed living environment and good function”.

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