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Axis given formal approval for new office building in Lund

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Opera building in Lund

Lund Municipality has granted Axis a building permit for the new office and logistics building. "This means that we can move on to the next step in the process and procure a builder," says Parisa Kaslani, Project Manager at Axis Communications.

The new office, to be located at the Lund Brunnshög site, will be a seven story, 27,500m² space designed to house a ground floor logistics center, with office space for approximately 550 Axis employees across the floors above. The new building will stand within sight of the Axis flagship office, Gränden.

The new office, to be named Opera, has been designed by the architecture firm Jais Landén Krantz Arkitekter, who were responsible for the interior design of the Gränden building.

Architects Lotta Landén and Jakob Peetre said of the vision for the new building that “Axis Opera will be a high-quality companion to its elder sibling, cost-efficient and with high ambitions for social and environmental durability, that will serve as an inspiring daily workplace and as such reflect the company’s forward-looking aspirations.”

The building will match the ambitions set by Axis for greater sustainability and environmental care and has been certified as Miljöbyggnad Silver, with ambition Gold for energy. The high requirements needed to obtain such a certification mean the building complies well above the standard recommendations.

To achieve this, the building will feature 2,400m² of solar panels across the exterior, with green courtyard spaces, where you can enjoy a moment of relaxation. Several rooftop terraces and internal and external bicycle parking. It will also include a gym and a restaurant. Its location with proximity to both bus and tram, also provides good public transport links for Lund, Malmö and neighboring municipalities.

We are very happy to be able to develop this new space in Lund.

“To ensure a qualitative and functional end product that satisfies the end business. It was imperative to work closely with a number of different departments and stakeholders throughout the various design stages. It is an important part of the feasibility study, that they are listened to and have their needs and wants heard and considered”, says Parisa Kaslani, Project Manager for Opera. “The concept of the Gränden building drove the creation of Operas wellbeing design. It's an approach that seeks to create engaging connections between people and the natural world. Humans are living things, after all and we need our workplace to be alive too.”

The ambitious new project shows the continuing investment of Axis in its employees and their welfare through creating attractive, functional, and sustainable workspaces. It also ensures a continuing cooperation with Lund Municipality.

“We are very happy to be able to develop this new space in Lund. This new office and logistics center is a statement of the continuing long-term growth of Axis and investment in employee health and wellbeing”, says Linn Ahlström, Director Real Estate and Facilities.

The construction is due to begin in Q1 of 2023

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