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Robust thermal cameras with powerful analytics capabilities

Thermal cameras with optimized image contrast for AI-based analytics

Axis Communications announces the release of two thermal imaging cameras for reliable detection and verification. Ideal for perimeter security and long-range detection, these halogen-free cameras deliver high-quality thermal video streams 24/7, in all weather, and any light conditions.

AXIS Q1951-E and AXIS Q1952-E offer optimal image contrast, and AXIS Q1952-E also features VGA 640x480 thermal resolution for wide-area coverage. These thermal cameras can identify different heat sources emitting the same amount of thermal energy, and with thermal palettes make it easier and more efficient to interpret a scene.

Both cameras come with AXIS Motion Guard, AXIS Fence Guard, and AXIS Loitering Guard preinstalled for proactive surveillance. Plus, it’s possible to buy AXIS Perimeter Defender with AI-based functionality for object classification to detect and classify humans and vehicles. The cameras include a microphone connector to enable audio capabilities and it’s possible to add custom-made third-party analytics as well as audio analytics to trigger events for instance when detecting aggressive behavior or gunshots.

Key features include:

  • Reliable detection 24/7
  • Built-in cybersecurity features
  • Compact, robust, halogen-free design
  • Support for AI-based analytics
  • Electronic image stabilization

Packed with built-in cybersecurity features, these compact, lightweight cameras help prevent unauthorized access and safeguard the system. For instance, they offer Axis Edge Vault to ensure secure storage of all cryptographic keys and certificates and protect the Axis device ID.

Madeleine Eibrand
Press contact
Communications Specialist, Axis Communications
Phone: +46 46 272 18 00
Madeleine Eibrand
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